It’s NOT About Your Job, Your Children, Or Your Relationship….It’s Really About You

By Team BLAM

One of the consistent themes that we encounter when doing couples coaching is that each person in the relationship has a deeply embedded desire for wholeness.  Many folks are desperately seeking wholeness because they feel so parceled, fragmented, marginalized, and reduced in particular in their relationship and in their life in general.  We hear their pain when we speak with them.  We see their frustration when we sit across from them.  We experience their pain when we identify with them.  And we thoroughly enjoy assisting them with lifting that pain when we work with them.

Although most folks come to us because they’re looking for specific solutions to a relationship problem…..many people equally benefit who aren’t in relationships when they experience the freedom of allowing us to hold their hand on their personal journey’s in life.  We’ve seen people exhale right in front of us as though they hadn’t taken a deep breath in years.  We’ve heard people heal as they’ve cried cleansing tears over the phone. We’ve witnessed people go from thinking and feeling to doing as they experienced the gentle nudge of accountability from us.

This ain’t no game yall.  We are truly in the business of helping you get what it is that you want out of life….WHOLENESS. If you really ask yourself…how many people can you truly be authentic with?  Where is the safe space in your life to be pretty, smart, confused, and ugly?  Who can you cry the, “I can’t take it anymore cry” with?  Who can you experience guilt-free joy with?  With whom can you say “Fuck him, Fuck her, Fuck it all” to?  Where?  And where can you say and experience these things with NO JUDGEMENT?

You see, we’re sharing this with you because we want you to be aware that you can experience that freedom in working with us.  Most people think we exclusively work with couples…..WRONG.  We do one on one work all the time because people NEED it.  It’s NOT About Your Job, Your Children, Or Your Relationship….It’s Really About You. If you’re interested or know someone who may be interested in working with either one of us (Ayize or Aiyana) because they need to vent, shout, cry, gain clarity, be held accountable,  or be cheered on…… please pass our info on.

They can email us at to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.  Or they can call 202-599-0234 to set up an appointment. Please specify in your email who you want your session to be with. *We conduct sessions in person, via phone, & via Skype. We are located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. How sessions are conducted is totally up to you.

*Currently our in person fee is $159 per coaching hour. Skype & phone sessions are $100 per coaching hour. We also offer an additional 30 minute in between sessions ”Transformation Touch-In” via phone where we review your latest goal(s), strategy, how you’re feeling/doing, etc.  If you choose to include the mid week Touch-In’s the fee is $150 total if your sessions are virtual and $209 total if your  sessions are in person . *Sessions can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Anything less than bi-weekly is not recommended because you will not have the maximum benefits that consistent support and positive accountability can provide. We accept cash & checks in person & credit/debit card payments via paypal. Credit/debit card payments must be received at least 30 minutes before a scheduled session through  You can click the Buy Now buttons below to pay.


Coaching Via SKYPE or PHONE


Coaching IN PERSON / hr

*Please read the definitions below so that you are familiar with the kind of work that we will be doing.*
Traditional therapy or counseling looks at a person’s past, which usually includes some form of trauma. Deals with healing emotional pain or conflict within an individual or in a relationship between two people.  BUT, some forms of therapy, or individual therapists, do focus on the future.
Coaching looks at a person’s present, in order to help them design and act toward the future.  While positive feelings may be a natural outgrowth, the primary focus is on creating do-able strategies for achieving specific goals in your life. The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through.
BUT:  a responsible coach knows when it’s useful to look at the past, precisely because the past informs the present as well as in order to help extinguish limiting belief systems. 

*While we generally lean towards coaching when working with people there are definite therapeutic components to our style.*

Again yall, we are here to help you.  We want you to BE, DO, HAVE.  BE the person you want to be…and DO the things you are destined to do….so you can HAVE the things you desire to have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and taking the first step to a more emotionally healthy and whole you.  If you know of someone who could benefit from this please PASS ON THE MESSAGE.  If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  IF YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN THE WORK OF BUILDING A BETTER YOU,  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US AND SCHEDULE YOUR 30 MINUTE FREE CONSULTATION.
*** NOTE ***
2 – 5  DAY COACHING INTENSIVES are available upon request.  
Please inquire directly for more details.
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