Kiss Hello. Kiss Goodbye. Kiss Goodmorning. Kiss Tonight

By Kadence Buchanan

Perhaps you prefer the morning kiss before breakfast or the evening kiss as you enter home exhausted from yet another day of managing to do almost all you had set before falling asleep the day before. Regardless of which type of kiss you prefer, experts agree that kissing is a great stimulant not only for the body but also for your brain.

How about mentioning some facts? First of all kissing is a great cardiovascular activity apart from an excellent process to decrease high blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Due to the extra saliva production that a kiss initiates, kissing is a perfect prevention mechanism against cavities and plaque, while it also prevents gingivitis due to the calcium that saliva contains. Thus, if you want to keep your smile looking just perfect, do not forget to kiss often. Moreover, since saliva contains bacteria, which are 20 percent unique to each individual, kissing is a method of vaccination from new germs.

As your immune system creates certain anti-bodies to these new bacteria you receive from your partner-also known as cross-immunotherapy-your organism is able to vaccinate itself against the germs that enter your mouth while kissing.

For those of you that watch your diet, keep in mind that a kiss burns in average 12 calories per five-seconds and that three passionate kisses a day can help you get rid of a whole pound in a month! In addition, since kissing puts to work over 30 muscles of your face, your skin becomes smoother and due to the increase in blood circulation its tone and color become more even and you look healthy and beautiful.

Before getting your partners lips close to yours, have you ever thought why you are kissing that specific individual? Well, we know you love him or her, but did you know that a part of the kissing process actually helps your brain perform some chemical analysis of your partner’s saliva and “decides”on your genetic compatibility? Researchers after examining a number of cases have concluded that a kiss can be actually apart from fun the “verdict” of your brain to your choice of a partner. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

You remember of course phrases like “kiss and make-up” or “kiss and make it all better” and sometimes you probably have even laughed at the idea that a kiss can make your relationship better or let a problem vanish to thin air. Well, although it is difficult to believe this is true, kissing helps your body produce the “happy” kind hormones-called endorphins-which are actually your natural body’s tranquilizers and help you regain control over a stressful situation.

Whether you kiss your partner upon remembering your favorite movie scene, or just because you want to make your hiccups stop, kissing is always a good excuse to come closer with that special one and remember all the things that make you happy when you are together. Our advice is that every hour of every day is a good excuse to kiss and feel happy and alive! Many believe that kissing most of the times can be so much more than words.

Kiss and let your actions speak louder than your loving voice!

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