Magic And Cookie Reflect On The Day He Told Her He Was HIV Positive

NBA legend Earvin “Magic’ Johnson and his wife Cookie Johnson made an appearance on “Piers Morgan” show a couple of nights ago to talk about their relationship and how she dealt with being told he was HIV positive.  Magic said it was a tough ride to tell her because he was about to “hurt his best friend”.  In diplomatic fashion, he said he’d understand if she wanted to leave….and then she “laid hands on him”.  Magic said in that moment he felt her emotionally and they both started to cry.

Filling in for Piers Morgan, was guest host Arsenio Hall. Check out the interview below.

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  1. lanamolinespeaks
    lanamolinespeaks says:

    I remember the day I heard the announcement on the radio. I was devastated. I cannot truly imagine what Cookie must have felt. This is a serious "for better or for worse" scenario. Ooooo Weee! She chose to stay and I commend how she did that. None of her emotions were on display. Her marriage is not a show for us to watch. She guarded her family and kept it all in tact. Many marriages fail for less serious offenses.
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  2. Shawnte
    Shawnte says:

    It couldn't work for me. Cookie has a special kind of heart.

  3. Mrs_Sthomas
    Mrs_Sthomas says:

    She is a strong woman, wife and mother.

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