Mother Weeps After Beating Her Son To Death For Wetting Himself


You have to feel bad for this mother, who not only lost her child, but knows that she’s the reason that the baby is gone.  Yea, she did kill him, but there is a difference between an accident and deliberate neglect.  As Dr. Boyce points out, we have to be careful about how we discipline our kids and make sure we don’t put them in harms way accidentally.  This woman may have allowed her anger to enter into her discipline, causing her to do something that simply can’t be taken back.

May her baby rest in peace, and may all of us learn how to discipline our kids without harming them.  This tragedy was just senseless.

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  1. Barry
    Barry says:


    This is no accident and she has no right to cry. several hundred black children die per year at the hands of mom and or dad. She stripped this child down and whipped him with a cord. I watched a special on child slavery in parts of the world, that is a common practice among owners of child slaves. Its also something many black people boast about being in their family history. Everyone knows how barbarric that practice is along with any discipline with objects.

    If ever there is an outright ban on physical discipline in Canada and the US it is not because of activists, it is because of people like this that cross the line, whether or not their child dies as a result. While I dont believe in an outright ban, i would sooner have that than the slaughter of black children.

    Put this woman in general population in the worst prison in the US and announce her arrival. The rest will take care of itself considering the vast majority of black people in prison had mothers and fathers that acted like her.

    The most important people in any community are the children. Black children are taken for granted and mistreated on a monsturous scale and all anyone does is defend the horrible parents and call those who speak out traitors. The traitors are the ones that turn on black children…they are against black children.

    Disgusting…. make an example of her publicly and make all black churches, organizations and all black people watch. Make those idiots that gave Creflo Dollar a standing ovation whatch.

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