Motivation: Moving Beyond What’s In It For Me

by Lisa You can’t go anywhere these days without some kind of incentive being shoved in your face for just about any and everything. Spend $20 get a $50 gift card, buy 1 get one free, the offers are endless.

Just the way of the world you say? Well, in actuality it is. Let’s face it, just like the business owner that is trying to attract your attention with subliminal messages, we too sometimes have hidden agendas to be successful, to earn power, and recognition. The truth is, almost nothing is done without some kind of motivating factor behind it, an incentive. These motivational behaviors can be a good thing if kept in check. Motivation is what we need to stay focused and competitive in the workplace, in society, and in our personal lives.

But, remember this, in all that you do be true to yourself and your moral beliefs, and your light will shine through. And, when we dig deeper we begin to find a multitude of incentives that go beyond simply “what’s in it for me”.

Such as…

  • My son’s smile
  • A clean kitchen
  • The warm smell of vanilla and cinnamon
  • Seeing Confidence
  • Faith

What motivates you?

“Just for today, be devoted to being the light. Give of yourself without the expectation of receiving light or recognition or rewards in return.”

–Iyanla Vanzant

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