Stop Trippin Off Of What Other People Think

VIDEO: It’s normal to find yourself in quiet moments wondering about what other people think of you. It’s a basic human desire to want to be accepted. But, somewhere we miss the mark when we allow sought after acceptance to become the primary factor in how we feel about ourselves. We must validate ourselves. Stop trippin off what others’ think…..because most of the time when you are thinking about them…they ain’t hardly thinkin’ about you.

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  1. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    Speak on it!!!!

  2. Aiyana
    Aiyana says:


    Awwww! Thank you sweetheart!! I am so deeply in love with you and so thankful that I have you to walk in this life with. You always make me feel as If I can do and be anything…your love sustains and maintains me baby. See you tonight…wink, wink. 🙂

    @ Anyone who's thinkin Oh, please!!! Get a room!: I love what we got and Im'a represent and shout it to the mountain tops! LOL!

    Peace & Love….. 🙂
    .-= Aiyana´s last blog ..Negative Co-Workers Are A No No! =-.

  3. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    Happy anniversary to you'll,and many more,beautiful and bless years to come…

  4. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    I never in my life,care of what noone have or has said about mrs.Ruby,In my community,they call me the noisey women,that okay,cause i know,i wouldn't be in you'll business,if you wouldn't open the gate for me and let me in…i have this organization call''Just Talking''and seem like every meeting there someone ,want to talk down on somebody,or gossip in somebody else business…i shut it down,the'' just talking'' meeting is getting back to know you,you get so involved in your children's and husband life,that you forget,who you are,and in that meeting it give you freedom to express your inner feeling,about what you want,and need to inspire'' you''…i get so much negative feedback on that..Do you think i care,nooo…if only one person,come to the meeting and really get off into what it is about,that is my greater reward…communication to me is so powerful,that most person take that word for granted,but don't be ashamed of who you are…you be in shock,who really need to open up and talk,just have someone to listen,most of the ladies talk about they children's,kinda afraid to open that subject up, but this is what i tell them…if anyone here have kids they can't talk about what you saying,or whatever we talk about…i'm so direct,if you're talking,and it don't concern ,the issue we're on ,i'm not listening,that just being me,not disregard anyone…just real talk…

  5. Ayize
    Ayize says:

    Happy Anniversary Baby….I love you I love you I love you I love you LOVE. Thank you for being YOU. You are my wife, soulmate, best friend, lover, mother of my children, support, inspiration…again thank you for being you. I look forward to loving you today, tomorrow, and forever.
    .-= Ayize´s last blog ..Stop Trippin Off Of What Other People Think =-.

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