Got A Goal?

By Aiyana Ma’at

Each morning that I wake up I am absolutely amazed at how much I look forward to my day. There is excitement in the air and I can say that I honestly love the work that I do and the life that I’m living. Now, this is  not to say that I don’t have off days sometimes but what I am attempting to make plain is this: I got a goal. Living life each day doing the same old thing, following a routine that doesn’t serve me, and being caught in a mundane & monotonous cycle would absolutely kill me. I have to have purpose and meaning in my life and I won’t settle for less. Period.

The sad thing is that so many of us find ourselves traveling the road that leads to no where and just don’t know how to get off. We wake up to a spouse we don’t know, work a job that we can’t stand, carry out superficial tasks as the day drags on, hang out with friends we know don’t elevate us, and do some more meaningless stuff before our day draws to a close. In the midst of it all we find ways to rationalize the insanity.  While living this way is truly no way to live it’s stunning to me how many of us find ourselves in this category and just kind of accept that this is the way it has to be. We may talk a good talk but our actions and lack of action tell what we really feel…this is just the way it is.

Well, today, I want to offer you a glimpse into a different kind of reality. A reality that is authored and edited by you and only you. A reality that will make you feel as if there is nothing that you can’t do. A reality that will free you to see yourself, your life, and your possibilities through new eyes. “How can I get a glimpse? How can I get a taste?” you ask. GET A GOAL. I find that, oftentimes, folks know when they are stuck, unhappy, or not living the kind of life they’d like. However, they don’t know how to tangibly and concretely pull themselves off of the road they’re on and onto the road to fulfillment and destiny. But, trust me when I tell you (If I don’t know anything else I do know this) getting a goal, deciding what’s next, and moving towards it can abruptly change the trajectory of your life in a way like you’ve never imagined. It doesn’t have to be huge and overwhelming. Actually, even if you have a vision that’s huge and overwhelming; you have to tackle it the same way you would the smallest of goals—one reasonable step at a time. We don’t even have to know where all of our steps will lead us. We just need to do something different to shift our hearts, minds, and possibilities. Not convinced? Put this to the test and do something different. Get a goal!

A couple of weeks ago I heard a very wise man say this: “Life’s greatest tragedy is to look up and find that where you’ve been–you currently are and where you currently are is where you are going. You might want to read that twice so that can really sink in. 🙂 So, get a goal and get going!

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  1. CJM
    CJM says:

    Love and needed this message in my life right now!

  2. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    I have been down a lot of trail in my life,but i alway catch myself,back in somebody corner,reading something,it didn’t matter what,i just want to read,down the line i went on the wrong path,and change direction…didn’t stop my reading,and writing just slow me down a little bit,on pursuing my dreams and goals…but now my first book is finish,also my first play,and now i’m on the move of forcing my goals into reality…getting out there into the real world,with positive thinking,and making it happen…

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