New Place To Voice Your Opinion! Response Video To “Is Sharing Sex Stories A No No When Married”

At B Intentional we are always encouraging folks out there to get involved, give your opinion, agree with us, challenge us, or just offer up a whole new way of seeing things. We love when the dialogue is in 2 directions and not one. We truly want the things we talk about to spark ideas, thoughts, and conversation! We want to give a shout out to Nikki, one of our Youtube subscribers, for sparking in us the awesome idea to have a place here at B Intentional just for YOU to voice your opinions, respond to videos, and make your voice heard! So, dust off the camcorder (do people still call it that? smile), press record, and GET IN THE CONVERSATION!

Miss the original video that Nikki is responding to? Have a listen below…

VIDEO: The other day while hanging out with friends a conversation came up about sex. Some details were shared that made one of our friends wives uncomfortable. As she attempted to check her husband for being too open with the details of their last sexual encounter another one of our friends (a wife there with her hubby) says “Oh, come on…Is it really that serious?!” Well, what came next was a serious but fun debate between the couples on whether discussing your personal sex stories is just TMI= Too Much Information! So, we wanna know what you think. Do you care what your partner shares? Here’s what we think…

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  1. Eric Bishop
    Eric Bishop says:

    I think that you made a god point when you stated how to comment on your selife. It is important to have someone you cn talk to. If you are single that a family member or close friend would do. You don’t ever what to share you life with everyone cause some thing are just not for the public. Personallt I think you are a pretty looking chic and if where me I wouldn’t mind at all. who is it.

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