Response Video: This Guy Says Black Women Are Stupid…Unbelievable.

Dust off the video camera, press record, and


VIDEO: Well, we asked for you to get involved, give your opinion, agree with us, challenge us, or just offer up a whole new way of seeing things… Well, this guy has answered in a very strong, opinionated, and for many what will be a very offensive way. We should warn that much of what he says and how he says it may make a sistah wanna reach in the computer and smack him while at the same time there will be those that say Hmmmm….

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Miss the original video that he’s responding to? Have a listen below…

VIDEO: This is a message to Black Women everywhere. But, more than this is a Declaration for myself and a Call to Black Women everywhere to take a step back, chill out, calm down, and…shut up…Yeah, I said it. Talk less. Listen more. Stop acting as if the world is conspiring against you! Whoaa! Harsh??? Well, I am black. I am a woman. And, I am loving discovering the softer side of me… Leave a comment or submit a response video letting us know what you think.

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I agree this guy is ignorant but I like the fact that you all were ok with letting his voice be heard. His rationale is stupid though…

  2. Rocko
    Rocko says:

    You know what Forrest Gump said…”stupid is as stupid does”. If you find yourself in stupid relationships then your own stupidity guided you into that space. I would never generalize and say all black women are stupid…but SOME are. Or at least they behave stupidly when it comes to men.

  3. J
    J says:

    Please, do not regurgitate this garbage. You cannot categorize any one into a given group based on how much melanin is in their skin. Please pull the video…it has nothing to add of worth to anyone's life. He is ignorant.

  4. Aiyana Ma'at
    Aiyana Ma'at says:


    I hear you! When I first watched this dude I was like "What?!" It really does appear that there is some unresolved anger he has with black women. I would be interested to know how the women in his life growing up impacted him. But, what I think is really sad is the fact that this is a prime example of the fact that there are people out here who operate in such extremes in their thought process. At B Intentional, we're ALWAYS saying there is more than one way, many different ways to see the same thing and definitely different perspectives out there. While this guy certainly has a right to his opinion–he's dumped black women into these superficial categories and has no idea how he's blocking his own growth and insight with these ridiculous rigid labels.
    .-= Aiyana Ma'at´s last blog ..Foot Fetish =-.

  5. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    WOW!!! I don’t even know where to begin to respond to that video! I have to disagree that the only smart Black women fall into the two categories that this guy lists. Either you’re married with kids by one man or you’re a freak with no kids and no abortions under your belt. I fall into neither category but I’m far from stupid. Just because I’m not married doesn’t mean that my only other choice is to be a freak running around sleeping with everyone. This guy sounds like he hates Black women. “Black women are too stupid to wear condoms?” First off, unless we’re talking about the female condom, women don’t typically wear condoms. And what about the men? Women are not the only ones that are responsible for birth control in a relationship. And the generalizations were killing me. I can’t agree with the assertions that every Black man from the “hood” is going to lie to you, cheat on you, have multiple girlfriends and multiple kids with multiple women. That’s what the majority would like us to believe. That’s not the truth. Many great people have come from the exact neighborhoods that this guy is referring to. Does the generalization apply to them as well, once they become successful? The accusations in this video were laughable. Do we have some issues as Black women? Absolutely. Is there major room for improvement? Absolutely. But that doesn’t make us stupid, unloveable or the one’s that need to burden all of the blame. It’s easy to make strong accusations when you can hide behind your anonymity in a video. It’s harder to reach out in love and pick someone up instead of tearing them down.

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