Response Video: Nikki Tells Her Story To Help Another Viewer…”The Prisoner’s Wife”

We have a new response video in to the question “I Love Him But He’s Locked Up–What Should I Do?”. And, man what a response it is! Sometimes, the best way you can help someone understand where you’re coming from is by Telling Your Story. That’s exactly what Nikki does in this 3 part video diary where she talks to the young lady who wrote in to Ask the Ma’at’s advice column asking for advice because she  is in love with someone who is incarcerated. Not only does Nikki talk about a similar experience (she actually married him) but she gives us insight into some things she has gone through and experienced–and this paints the big picture even better. From her mother disappearing from her life when she was only 4, her own father being incarcerated, and surviving rape—she tells it all so that she might help to bring insight and understanding to somebody else. We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Nikki for being so honest and transparent in this video and letting the B Intentional community into your world. We did say this is a 3 part video diary so you might want to wait until you’re relaxing with a glass of wine later or on your lunch break to view this. 🙂 Or, To get to the bottom line of what Nikki is saying scroll down to video 3 and listen in now. And, don’t forget–you can give back too by leaving a comment or submitting a video response to any of the posts here on our site. As the saying goes “Each one, Teach one”.

“Nikki Tells Her Story”-Video 1

“Nikki Tells Her Story” -Video 2

“Nikki Tells Her Story”-Video 3- Listen in here to skip to the bottom line of Nikki’s message.

Miss the video Nikki is responding to. Listen in below…

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  1. Kandy
    Kandy says:

    Nikki it took courage to tell your story and to use yourself as an example. Thank you.

    • Nikki
      Nikki says:

      Thanks Kandy, it was worth working up the nerve to tell it:especially if it t could help another women avoid the same mistake that I did.

  2. Reneemo
    Reneemo says:

    Nikki, THANKS for keeping it real! Learned much!

    • Nikki
      Nikki says:

      No problem.

  3. Candace
    Candace says:

    This message was right on time. My boyfriend of 3months just got locked up and i've been wondering what to do. Thanks for telling your story. You have helped me better understand what decision I need to make. Thank you Nikki. Thank you Ma'at's.

    • Nikki
      Nikki says:

      Hi Candace. I'm glad that I could give you some things to think about in regards of what to expect if you decide to continue the relationship. Nothing is impossible, but weigh all your options. There are lot of factors to consider.

  4. Tiara
    Tiara says:

    Can I just say Wow….. I just want to say thank you to Nikki for her honesty and to the Maats for airing this on your site. I'm at work right now and I started to play the video and I became so engrossed in it I had to get up and go lock my office door! Lol! Thank you again…there's alot to be learned here.

    • Nikki
      Nikki says:

      Thanks Tiara, for taking the time out of your day to really listen to it. I'm glad that the young sister who posed the question had a place to go where she felt safe enough to even ask the question without fear of judgment.

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