On Being In Love With A Much Older Man

By Larry Michel

Today, I was taken aback for a moment by a comment someone made to a lady whom I am close friends with. He said to her, “I heard you were hanging out with an old man.” I had a momentary “ouch.”  I consider myself “older” but in no way old. In fact I find age 99% a state of mind. It’s also true, I do like younger women. I’ve never concealed this. In fact I’ve talked about it extensively on my radio show and in numerous interviews. When asked why, I’ve couple answers. One is Energetic. The other is, that in my experience I have found younger women “hungry” for growth and exploration… a hunger that is extremely attractive to me and also contributes to my own childlike inquiry.

None-the-less, I was bothered by the younger mans comment to my friend. So I decide to call another young lady I know that is in a relationship with a man almost 30 years her senior. I wanted to hear her take about women having relationships with considerably older men.

Her comments were amazing and almost poetic, as she described what she has experienced as the differences between “boys” and “men”

“I love my man! He brings light and love into my life like no younger man has.

He’s a boy at heart still playing like a kid in a sandbox with one big difference— he knows his purpose and lives it. The sandbox is one he’s built, sold, built again and sold again so there is no longer any containers. The world is his sandbox and I get to play full-out with him.

My man loves my independence, supports me to grow and be more than I thought possible. He’s beyond jealousy and possessiveness because he knows who he is, what he needs and respects my journey to discover the same for myself.

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