Pick The Players For Your Team: 4 Qualities Of A Good Relationship Wingman

by Ayize Ma’at

In my 1st year of marriage I was at a bar with some single friends talking about relationship “stuff”. I quickly realized we were in very different spaces in our lives. I knew I had to find new friends or develop patience with the ones I already had to increase my chances of relationship success. Thus began my search for a good wingman. What is a wingman? A wingman is someone that will:

Tell It Like It Is

A good wingman will hear you out and then call you out when you are making excuses. You want some one that has the courage to tell you when you are right and when you are wrong.

Been Around The Block

Have you ever received advice from someone and thought, “That sounds good, but…take a walk in my shoes.”? You want a wingman that’s been around the same block you are on so they can speak from a space of experience and understanding.

Knows There Role

A good wingman values there role in your life, respects boundaries, and plays their part when asked. Additionally, there can be NO romantic or sexual interest. Stay in your lane to avoid a major crash.

Got Your Relationship’s Back

Your wingman should stand in your corner and cheer your relationship on. You want someone that will support what your relationship NEEDS vs. only what you WANT.

Keep these 4 qualities in mind when looking for a wingman and you will definitely increase your chances for relationship success.