Postpartum Depression And The Myth Of The Natural Mother

By Mrs. Kathy Morelli

Are you at risk for postpartum depression? Read on for information!

We live with the myth of the natural mother. The truth is that many social behaviors, including mothering, are learned behaviors. It might be easier to discuss communication and relationship skills within a marriage as a learned behavior than mothering.

If you grow up in an abusive or just non-communicative home, it is likely that when you marry, you will discover that you need some help in the how-tos of a relationship. It is the same type of thing when becoming a mother. You might need some some help about the how-to of parenting a newborn and developing your identity as a mother.

Remember, social learning comes from watching other people in our personal lives and from the larger culture, and we integrate this into our personality. Give yourself the gift of qualified education and assistance.

Breastfeeding and helping a baby to sleep is a learned behavior. There are many ways to be a good mother and no one size fits all.

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Mrs. Kathy Morelli, LPC Marriage and Family Counseling Specializing in the Emotions of Pregnancy and Birth /

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    I remember crying EVERY DAY for the first month after I delivered my first child. I thought I was supposed to instinctively know what to do and naturally feel a certain way. When my son wouldn't latch on and my days and nights became a blurred stress ball I was a hot mess. A group of supportive and understanding friends helped me get through that tough time.

  2. Tawana
    Tawana says:

    Postpartum depression is real. If it weren't for blogs like these I probably would've gone crazy.

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