Prostate Cancer: “I Haven’t Had Sex With My Husband In 18 Months.”

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A key component to any healthy relationship is intimacy. How do you maintain intimacy in a relationship when a health issue is present? In this episode we help a woman who hasn’t had sex with her husband since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and that was 18 months ago! Even bigger than the sex is the lack of intimacy demonstrated in their relationship….we must remember sex and intimacy are two different things (although many times for men sex=intimacy. what does one do in a sensitive space such as this. You want to be thee for your spouse and support them in everything they are going through. At the same time it is just as critical that your needs aren’t left suffering and unmet. Listen in as we give this young wife some advice.

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  1. glennjohn
    glennjohn says:

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  2. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    I feel sorry for this sista……that must be a major challenge for her and her relationship. I think the advice you guys gave is great…..i'm hoping she's clear with him on some small things he can do to maintain the connection. I'll be praying for you.

  3. mothers22
    mothers22 says:

    Has? anyone thought that the husband's feeling for his wife may have faded or change?

  4. naturalhairful
    naturalhairful says:

    I have learned that when couples stop being intimate for a long period of time. Pride blocks their view of each other and no one wants to step up and seriously change their situation. there may be one or two attempts to? correct things, but if one doesn't get the desired reaction, they avoid trying again then time increases, feelings change, and the sore gets bigger.

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