Q-Tip Calls Out Russell Simons, Toure’, And All Black Folk Who Run To Defense Of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Use Of The “N” Word

Russell Simmons stepped into the middle of the Gwyneth Paltrow controversy to defend her use of the “N” word, saying “We were able to take a vicious, racist term and make it a term of endearment” and “We took control of something that was used for so much hate and made it love.”

Well, Q-Tip ain’t buying it, and he had tweeted the following to all the black Paltrow defenders:

“Listen Rush Simmons, Toure, and all Black folk who are sympathist to this gwen paltrow nigga thing. She may not have meant harm, sure it was in the heat of the moment but that fact that she showed not 1 IOTA of an apologetic tone, given the historical weight of that word is not responsible of G paltrow’s part.  As powerful as hiphop is it DOESNT erase the years of damage that not only that word has done but circumstances that usually surrounded it. Sure there is empathy for the black American struggle from all races but the empathy shld be extended to the great pain we as blacks have experienced for generations.  For the pain that we still deal with in our communities daily. Was gwen wrong for recognizing unrelated people to the song as “niggas in paris for real”? debatable. BUT she SHLD have. Paltrow shld have offered a “if i offended anyone im truly sorry” as a person who loves black people and understands there’s a scope of black folk that exist beyond the ones that she partied with in Paris who are still dealing w the complexities of their circumstances. black folks that dont know about giving a white person a “pass” … there is a lot to this thing. Rush ? Toure? its ok its all love brothas but lets build … later! and i got love for yall and im glad we can express our views! peace. BTW i said nothing mean or nasty. i met gwen and chris. kool peeps! so no need to be mean in ur responses.”

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  1. tochudores
    tochudores says:


  2. Jacquelyn Marie
    Jacquelyn Marie says:

    I don't believe anyone should use the word, so Gwyneth definitely didn't get a pass in my book. Our ancestors endured much disrespect through vile and vicious attacks during slavery, after slavery and even today. The use of this word was meant to keep Blacks feeling less than human, degrading our spirit and existence. When some of our people really study our history and understand what it took to stand and stare down the face of evil, even when it meant death, then maybe they will begin to have more respect and honor for our ancestors who lost their lives so we could live. I wonder how many of our Blacks using the N word today could have survived an hour during slavery, and how many would lay down their lives fighting til their last breath, so no one would disrespect the culture again, by calling you a N—er? I wonder!

  3. Tawnya
    Tawnya says:

    I'm with Dayo….how is it that we can understand how the word bitch can be offensive and adjust our selves accordingly but for some reason we all need to get over the word nigga? So, If I say "Bitch, you crazy!" do you just need to get over it since people use that word affectionately? Regardless of your intent–if it offends, IT OFFENDS. People need to have respect. When black folks can honor our history and have respect for it then others will too.

  4. Dayo
    Dayo says:

    Thats the problem – who is this "we" that you speak of that uses it everyday? I dont, my daughter doesnt, neither does my sister, borther or mom, so who is this "we" that uses it everyday? If one person is offended, then it is indeed offensive. I concur it will never disappear, neither will its origins. Sure, I co-exist with my white counterparts everyday..such is life..but i still wont forget what happened to my ancestors or my mother when she experienced integration into an all white school. So for me it hits home..

  5. diaryofasagittarius
    diaryofasagittarius says:

    I don't understand why we get so upset when other races use the word and we use it religiously in everyday life. Holding on to the emotions attached to slavery keep us bound and unable to move forward. We must learn to get over it and co-exist. The N-word will be used til time eternal.Doesn't matter what we feel about it…
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