Relationship Love Lesson Of The Day: Fake It Til You Make It!

By Aiyana Ma’at

Hey sistas…..I’m not gonna hold you long today (for those who follow me….you’re thinking YEAH RIGHT!) Lol! But, seriously though I’m not for two reasons:

#1 I’m writing (which gets on my last nerves….I’d much rather run off at the mouth….cause it just comes naturally to me. :-))

#2 This is a reeeal quick and simple lesson that I’m gonna drop like it’s hot then BE OUT.

So, here it is….

When you need to experience something in your relationship—-be it a feeling, an understanding, a limit or boundary….anything—when you need to have a conversation you don’t want to have, muster up courage you don’t think is inside of you, step back and make room for your spouse, learn to be quiet when so many thoughts and words are swirling around in your head….WHATEVER……. YOU MUST PRACTICE IT UNTIL IT BECOMES PERFECT FOR YOU. BECOME IT UNTIL IT IS SECOND NATURE FOR YOU. PRETEND! IN OTHER WORDS FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!!!!

As human beings we often want to feel inspired or moved or confident before we take on something new. But, most of the time the inspiration, movement, and confidence we desire are found only when we begin being what we want and hope to be, bringing the energy that we want to feel, and taking responsibility for our experiences.

Perhaps, when we do this we’ll be reminded that what we were looking for was never missing to begin with. We always have everything we ever need to live our lives successfully and negotiate the relationships that have been placed on our path. We lack nothing……NOTHING.

So, go ahead and rediscover your true nature and abilities. You can have the relationship you want—in fact it’s already available to you. But, you have to be willing to GET IT.

Peace, Blessings, Connection & Courage Family…..