Shaunie O’neal HATES That Fights Are What Bring Ratings To ‘Basketball Wives’

By Jasmine Hughes

The drink slinging, cat fighting and name calling drama has become the calling card of the nationally syndicated show, “Basketball Wives.” However, we are starting to get wind of a bit of remorse from the shows creator, Shaunie O’Neal, as she claims this is not what she signed up for.

The former basketball wife says her intentions for the show were to highlight the bond between women who understood what it was like to be married to an athlete, but now expresses, “I feel like that show is turning into ‘I have slept with a basketball player at some point in my life, so now I’m on Basketball Wives,” she told FOX news. “That’s definitely not what I brought to the table and not what I would be proud of having my name on.”

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6 replies
  1. nomoredrama
    nomoredrama says:

    Right!!!!!!!! (in my extreamly sarcastic voice)!

    Shaunie Knock it off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    It may not be what Shaunie originally intended for the show, but she did nothing to change the direction once it began to get out of hand; just shameful, because all of these women with the exception of Jennifer are mothers. I opted out this season, I'm good~

  3. Rya
    Rya says:

    She is only saying that b/c the show's negativity is being scrutinized. She does not want to change it enough to stop doing it or not have BBW LA. Girl bye.

  4. Chermonthia
    Chermonthia says:

    Oh please… She is right there mixing the pot of drama….

  5. Akiba Jama
    Akiba Jama says:

    *yawn* If that were true, she would have dropped Evelyn, Gloria, Royce, and Tami cause of all their drama.

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