Spice Up Your Sex Life By “Doing It” In Public

By Tatiana Kaletsch

Slipping away hand-in-hand with your S.O. to a dark, deserted alley is a risky rendezvous, but that’s part of what makes it so hot, right? Where are the sexiest locales for getting it on … and is anything off-limits? Our experts weigh in on everything you wanted to know about having sex in places beyond the bedroom.

Whether you are newly in love or are looking to spice up your love life, taking sex out of the bedroom can be healthy for your relationship and enjoyable for both of you. Sneak off to public places where you probably wouldn’t get caught: a secluded golf course, a quiet back alley or on the beach at night. Or, meet in public places where you have a high risk of getting caught: between the bookshelves in a library, in public transport, in the elevator, in a phone booth or in a nightclub. Risk can enhance the experience for both of you! Here are a few more ideas:

1. Rooms of the house (besides the bedroom). Getting out of the bedroom means you don’t have to go far. Go to rooms in the house that have a different association for you such as the familyden or your kid’s room. Rooms in your house that are used for other functions make a great playground for the experimental couple. The laundry room, the kitchen, the dining room, the staircase and even the balcony are favorites. Surprise your partner with mood-setting candlelight, scents or music.

2. Anywhere there is water. Favorites include in the shower or bath, in or near a swimming pool, on a waterbed, in a raft or in a canoe. These are places to learn and try new positions.

3. Cars. Add to the adventure by being creative, such as the back of a limo while being driven to a location, while parked in a drive-in, or even in an impossible traffic jam. Taking your car to a quiet and safe area is an invitation to have sex on the roof or trunk.

4. Out in nature. Getting it on outdoors appeals to the animal in you! The forest, a beach, a meadow are favorites. If you are camping, a tent provides protection. If there is a waterfall on your outing, you can explore intimacy under the running water.

5. A change in the weather. Enhance your mood in the rain, during a thunderstorm, or if you are lucky enough to experience the natural beauty of a rainbow – all these require being spontaneous as well.

6. Get dirty where it’s dirty. Try your garage, tool shed or where it is a bit muddy. The ability to completely let go can be a turn-on for your partner. You show the side of you that is the refreshing opposite of daily routines and discipline.

Just as you might explore your own apartment or home, you might find places that are reserved for activities of a much different kind: department stores, churches, even a graveyard.

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2 replies
  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I wish my wife would consent to that. My ex wife and some ex girlfriends and I took advantage of doing things like that. it makes the sex even wilder.

    • Smoov
      Smoov says:

      Aaron, that's a bit painful to hear. You settled down with a person you truly love and are committed to…only find out that being a little sexually adventurous is kind of a hard thing for them to do. Remember – everyone has different levels of their own "freaky limitations". What may be normal, common-place for you may be very uncomfortable or unsettling for someone else.

      Hopefully, you try to initiate conversation about being adventurous BEFORE trying to do it spontaneously. Further communication may help you to learn more about her fantasies and situations that could help her be more comfortable with the idea of "spicing" things up.

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