Sports Publicist Shares How Married Women And Groupies Are Trying To “F” Pro Athletes

Money, power, and respect are impressive right?  So much so that many people will lie, cheat, steal and toss morality out the window to grasp it.  No judgement….just choices and consequences that have the ability to impact others.  In the below piece we are offered a glimpse into the life of professional athletes who are propositioned by married women and groupies on a regular basis.  What are your thoughts?  Is it all about money, power, and respect?

I’m a publicist, and I’ve worked with high-profile athletes for nearly 15 years. Olympic gold medalists, NFL All-Pros and Super Bowl champions, MLB All-Stars and World Series champions, even an NBA player on a championship team once. I’m not really a nightlife guy, but there are times when I need to accompany clients to clubs, concerts, after-parties, whatever.

When I first started, I remember my mouth dropping at every attractive woman who approached one of my clients, and at the things they would say to them or offer them. Now, I don’t even bat an eyelash. The only reaction you may get from me is a laugh if it’s an approach I haven’t heard before. I’ve seen women slip their numbers to my clients while their boyfriends weren’t looking. I’ve seen women ditch their boyfriends in the bar just for a shot at one of my clients—and I’ve seen my client shoot those same women down just to laugh at them.

I write this after seeing last week’s story of Terry Francona trading pictures with some guy’s girlfriend. What this boyfriend needs to know is this: Most likely it was your girlfriend who approached him initially. The odds are that she escalated what was happening. I speak from experience.

One of my former MLB clients used to have me keep a phone for him. Part of my job was to respond to the women who texted. His only instructions were to “see how dirty they get.” Which turned out to be much easier than I expected.

A few of the women were married. One was a newlywed who swore at the start she just wanted to be friends. She loved her new husband and would never consider such a thing. Two texts later—one of which was “but my cock is so hard for you”—I had a picture of her tits. She was making plans to come see “me” in a city close to her. I asked her if she would just come in, fuck “me,” and leave without saying a single word. Her response is one I’ll never forget: “I’ll do whatever you want. I want to be your c#m slut.” My client just laughed when I showed it to him.

The guy whose girl sent the boob shot to Francona? It could’ve been so much worse for him. No woman is off-limits for a sports figure. I once went to a billiards bar with another client, the NBA player. The place doubled as a night club, and because my guy had just won a title, heads turned the moment we walked in.

An attractive married woman—she had a huge rock on her finger—came over and started hitting on my client immediately and relentlessly. After a while, her husband came out from the dance club area, clearly upset. He never threatened anything physical. He barely even raised his voice. He just wanted to know what she was doing. His wife played dumb. So my client spoke up: “Your girl is trying to f#ck me.”

The husband got into it a little with his wife. He wanted to leave. My client called over one of the bouncers and told him to get rid of the couple. The wife decided to stay. The husband got booted. He was irate. She didn’t care. Five minutes later, my client was having sex with her in the back office of the club. She left, and he never talked to her again. Obviously, we have no idea what happened with the marriage.

FYI: “Anonymous Publicist” represents several professional athletes in several different sports. Occasionally, he will share stories about what it’s really like to handle publicity for the pros.

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  1. SmoovMochaNut
    SmoovMochaNut says:

    The thing is…these women had probably been unfaithful before…with some "nobody". The "player in me" always thinks, "people inherently are only as faithful as their opportunities". Meaning, if your gf/wife/partner met a man that fit the very definition of "their type" & maybe knew the secret could be kept; they'd take the opportunity to have that quickie sex session or even plan that freaky romp at a nearby hotel just to feel the thrill of those sexual moments.

    These bolder women just never really cared about their man, they'd take their chances – would be excellent chance to exit a relationship that's gotten cold. And most men never realize that women usually control the direction that most friendships take. Men will take the risk of saying something really sexually raunchy just to see her reaction.

  2. Kenya
    Kenya says:

    Women these days ….I tell you?smh

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