Steve Harvey Apologizes To Cornel West And Tavis Smiley For Calling Them Uncle Tom’s

By Team BLAM

Earlier today, Steve Harvey took to the airways and used his public platform to apologize to Cornel West and Tavis Smiley for calling them Uncle Tom’s.  He specifically acknowledged that considering the work Cornel has done he definitely doesn’t deserve to be labeled an Uncle Tom.  We at BLAM feel that it’s o.k. for Steve Harvey to express his opinions about Barack and other political figures but we strongly feel that when disagreeing on a public stage RESPECT must always be present.  We give big props to Steve for apologizing and setting the record straight.  In his comedic fashion, after apologizing he went on to say he meant everything else tho’.

CLICK HERE to listen to Steve’s Apology

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I am curious as to why Tavis Smiley and Cornel West need to apologize to anyone? From what I have heard there was no disrespect on either of their parts they just disagree with some things that President Obama has or has not done since he has been in office. Are we not allowed that right as citizens? Did anyone feel the same why when Bush was being criticized? Instead we have Steve Harvey who has a platform on radio and tv calling out prominent figures in a tasteless fashion. Uncle toms? Really? But then I guess I shouldn't expect any better from a guy who had the stance of "f*** them damn dogs" in the Michael Vick situation. I think the bigger issue within the Black community is why do we sometimes blindly support individuals simply because they share the same racial background?
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  2. Avisjay Savisti
    Avisjay Savisti says:

    part 2 of reply

    Everyone loved Cornell West and Tavis Smiley when they went after Bush or anyone else concerning issues in Black America. And now they feel the time is right to finally have a high elected offical sit down with people that are concerned with the state of Black America. And that hasn't happened probably since Martin Luther King. And really if not Cornell West ( graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years, revered Black Philosopher, intellectual and activist, Professor at YALE, Harvard and University of Paris) who the hell else????? I GUARANTEE YOU he has sat and had meetings with far less achievers!

    Black people you're only guaranteed a Black Listening ear in the White House for a few more months. It's best to get behind those that's trying to get the Oval Office to make some historical moves that benefits you, while you can.


  3. Avisjay Savisti
    Avisjay Savisti says:

    Can't write long comment so reply is in 2 parts

    Here's the issue, we have a Black President now for at least a few more months. Who's going to sit down with him and talk about a "Black Agenda"? He's sat down with many other people, appeared in front of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to discuss and assure them about their concerns about Israel and Jews. Why not sit down with people that are concerned about issues pertaining to Black America? People tends to not think this thoroughly out and it's really a reflection of what we think of ourselves (who are these Black Men to ask anything of the President). Us Black folks have complained since arrival about addressing our issues and wished for someone in office that can relate to our concerns (e.g. someone like a Black President). Now here it is, we have a Black President and if you ask of him to have a meeting concerning issues that have been ignored for "generations", incredibly it's the Black Community that leads the attack!

  4. Brooke Hull Brimm
    Brooke Hull Brimm says:

    Maybe they aren't Uncle Toms (wrong term anyway), but they are egotistical, assholes who are trying to lead the poor and people of color down a rabbit hole that is based off of their own personal agendas.

    • Sherita A. Hall
      Sherita A. Hall says:

      I agree with you two hundred percent Brooke! Those two suffer from BNS….Bitter Nigger Syndrome. They're behaving horribly and they're selfish! They don't give a damn about poor folks and people of color!

  5. Keeley W. Garth
    Keeley W. Garth says:


  6. Denise Wisdom
    Denise Wisdom says:

    Apologies are always good. Now Tavis and Cornel need to do the same to President Obama.

  7. Tina Woods McGee
    Tina Woods McGee says:

    Steve Harvey should've apologized to those fine, educated black men who matter.
    Dumb move Steve : (

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