Landmark Legislation Legalizes Marriage For Same Sex Couples..What Do You Think?

By Team BLAM

If you turn on your T.V. set, look in your newspaper, or go online today you’ll be flooded with cheers and jeers regarding the landmark legislation that was passed shortly before midnight making New York the 6th and largest state to legalize gay marriage.  WOW…this is big!  The legal and social implications of such ruling will have a ripple effect.  Whether you agree or disagree both you and your children will be impacted.  So we’re curious BLAM Fam….how do you feel about gay marriage being legalized?  In case you’re confused about this whole thing…below are arguments (from by both supporters and opponents of gay marriage.  Check them out and chime in and let us know whether you’re for or against gay marriage….and why.

Supporters of Same Sex Marriage – What is Their Case?

What arguement do supporters use in their fight to legalize same sex marriages? Here are some points in their platform.

  • The right to marry is a fundemental right protected by the United States Constitution.
  • The traditional definition of marriage is a union between two people of the opposite sex. Supporters insist the definition can’t be allowed to be a basis for discrimination.
  • Without the legal right to marriage, same sex couples lose their right to health care coverage, family leave, child custody protections, tax protections, inheritance protections, and pension plan options.
  • Civil marriages and religious marriages are not the same. Therefore morality and religious arguements against same sex marriages are flawed and should have no standing.
  • Permitting legal same sex marriages will not force any religion to perform such ceremonies against their beliefs, doctrine, or morals.

But what about those who strongly oppose same sex marriages or unions. They feel their case is just as compelling. Here are the points they make.

Opponents of Same Sex Marriages – What is Their Case?

The opposition’s argument against same sex marriage is primarily based in religion, and the interpretation of what is moral and immoral. Cultural norms also play a role in the following points.

  • Biblically, marriage has been cited as a union between a man and woman and in such a union procreation must not be ruled out. In other words, religion says a man and a woman get married and have children. Same sex couples can’t fulfill that expectation and therefore should not be permitted.
  • The natural difference between man and woman, including sexual differences, is what draws them together and forms the basis of their relationship. Without those differences, a committed relationship can not occur.
  • Scientifically, marriage between a male and a female is the natural order of life.
  • Many religious figures view homsexuality as a sin and therefore any union based on such a relationship is also deemed sinful.
  • Some religious leaders believe that allowing same sex marriages or unions will somehow undermine the traditional family unit, the foundation for many religious communities.
  • Others feel that the gay community can’t be allowed to redefine marriage and the family unit to suit their own needs.

BLAM Fam what do you think?

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  1. Danny B
    Danny B says:

    Most of the people that are against gay marriage seem to be using religion as the reason to say it is wrong. Gay marriage is a legal therefore government issue not a religious one. There is a reason for a separation of church and state. Plus honestly how does gay marriage change your day to day life.

  2. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    I don't feel the need to judge the legalization of gay marriages one way or the other. I'm a believer in the Most High and I truly believe God can handle his children when its needed; this applies to all of us. No man or woman is perfect we all have flaws, and can be judged on who we are and what we say & do daily. I believe being careful with the tongue is very important. I work on being the best that I can be along with helping others grow. I try to stay on the path that the Creator carved for me, and that's all I have. It is my belief that in the end, I will be judged on my flow in this world; not on what someone else did, said or how they lived, That Job belongs to God. The Creator does not need my two little senses on the matter, I pick my battles wisely. GodBlessAllOfUs~

  3. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I've been a fan of this site for some time and am an in a same sex relationship going on 10 years now. Thank you for posting this as I am now sure that you all aren't homophobic, wherever your personal truths lye, I appreciate your attention to the matter. Your site has been a tremendous help to my relationship in dealing with challenges, perhaps that wasn't your intent, but same sex couples have many of the same challenges (opportunities for growth). Of course I'm for Gay Marriage, but I do understand the traditional point of view. All I ask is that everyone, African American's, Women and LGBTQ folk be allowed their life, liberty, pirsuite of happiness and justice. If I died tomorrow, estate would go to california, my partner would have to leave the hospital after visiting hours. If I had children, unless she adopted them, they would go into foster care. Slavery has ended. When one people are oppressed, we all are. Let's get over ourselves, we've come this far…

  4. Tehuti Ka
    Tehuti Ka says:

    One of the main issues I have with this is that we're giving people a license to do whateva they want. I know people say that people should have a right to be who they are…but be honest…how many people are a part of the LGBT community, not because it's who they are, but because it's an easier and more convenient way to be in a relationship without dealing with the challenges of being with someone of the opposite sex. I'm saying….people are "becoming gay" cause they got issues and would rather "be" something else and ignore the issues vs be who they are and face their issues. And for all the people who are born gay…i respect you for fighting for your rights. Everyone else….needs to sit down with a therapist and work through there shyt.

  5. mochazina
    mochazina says:

    The problem that I have with the *civil rights*argument is simple: how can I know that anyone is homosexual unless they tell me? I can’t find myself “discriminating” (making a distinction based on class or category without regard to individual merit) against someone when I have no clue they fall into that class unless they choose to disclose it? Women? Generally pretty obvious. Blacks? Again, generally pretty obvious. Homosexuals? Nope. So no *civil rights* are “violated” (I cannot “discriminate”) until you voice a position.

  6. @ShareefJackson
    @ShareefJackson says:

    I understand all of the religious reasons behind the opposition to same sex marriage, but this is an issue of government and law, not religion. Churches aren't being forced to perform these marriages, and people opposed to it can remain. Separation of church and state exists for a reason.

    • Snarky
      Snarky says:

      Amen to the above post.

  7. kisha
    kisha says:

    meant to say nothing is shocking to me,

  8. Kisha
    Kisha says:

    I just can't seem to understand why a sexual preference should dictate what rights you have and who you are. I mean even on our money as a country on the back it has, The United States of America, IN GOD WE TRUST, which is a lie, if you trust in God then you trust in His word amd His word in this case is clear, very clear. I also understand that people use things to benefit their own lifestyles and that too we must answer for. God has already shown what He thinks about homosexuality…look at Sodom and Gommorah! This is why there is so much happening in the world. Instead of people standing up for what we are suppossed to believe in, they are compromising for whatever gain. Nothing is hocking to me, however God's word NEVER comes back void. Whatever promises He made they are sure to be. One nation under God. I don't think so, one nation heading right for hell with gasoline underwear on. It's like they trust God with some things but not wholehearted. DOUBLE MINDED NATION!

  9. Ashleigh Atwell
    Ashleigh Atwell says:

    I see no problem with it. Of all the thing that have gone on in this country and considering all of the blood on America's hands, I can't believe people think gay marriage is going to make this country go under. People need to stop being ignorant.

    • kisha
      kisha says:

      I don't think its that one point thats gonna make the nation go under….its many things! However it goes there will be a judgement of the nations so…they can play with God if they want to and not take Him serious, He's a very jealous God…the only reason He hasn't returned yet is because there are many more souls to be saved. He wants that no one should perish…those that have an ear let them hear….

  10. Kenike Daniels
    Kenike Daniels says:

    I dont know what to think. Feels like america going to hell n a handbasket

  11. Renae Totten
    Renae Totten says:

    Im happy the LGBT community is getting recognized

  12. JuAune Thompson
    JuAune Thompson says:

    im glad. I believe all Americans should have equal rights. I voted for it in ca.

  13. Janelle Mcleod
    Janelle Mcleod says:

    I feel that sodom and gomorrah is going to break out!

  14. Snarky
    Snarky says:

    There will still be people making babies, so I doubt if the race will die out. Second, people confuse a fundamental legal right with religious morality. Separate the two then the answer is clear.

    • kisha
      kisha says:

      yeah and continue to have people on public assistance too and have them out of wedlock….how can you seperate the two when suppossedly our country is based on God's principles….I don't get it…it's like God is good to trust for some things but not all, like we trust Him on our money though hunh, but not with our lives and our souls….hell is real whether we wanna except it or not, I've never seen anyone come back and tell me that it wasn't.

  15. Rachel T.
    Rachel T. says:

    Anybody who is against gay marriage is against the civil rights of American citizens. I'm happy gay marriage is legalized in NY now I hope the other states follow suit

    • kisha
      kisha says:

      civil rights, you mean the ones Dr. Martin Luther King marched for on Washington and many other places, men and women will never be created equal, God didn't make them at the same time nor did He make them to be able to do the same things….men can't carry babies, so in that case we will never be equal, there are so many things we aren't equal on and will never be, it's just sad, then we wonder why as a nation we will suffer, but as a nation we will too one day be judged you better believe that…God who sits high and looks low will have the last say so.

  16. Kelvin
    Kelvin says:

    We're rapidly moving toward the extinction of the human race. One man One woman. Period!

    • Kisha
      Kisha says:

      it's sad but there will always be people who continue to want to compromise to benefit themselves, its really sad, but if you really trust in God how can you say that in God we trust when we can't even trust His word….one nation on a one way ticket to hell….

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