The 7 Qualities Of A Happy Relationship

Another chapter and a new journey begins after saying your “I do’s.” But staying happy during the journey is not like a ‘one size, fits all’ notion. It is not a matter of how much love there is at the beginning, what matters is how much love you have cultivated along the way. To be happy in a relationship is never an easy task. There are rules you follow, principles to abide and there are things you must have to maintain a happy relationship with the one you choose to be with in your lifetime.

Quality 1: Love

Enough love for oneself could lead to leakage of that love towards your partner. It will be a radiating kind of love. I’ve always believed that you can never truly love another without learning to love yourself first. In order to be happy in a relationship, this love should be cultivated, nourished and fed. Otherwise, the seed you planted will not be able to grow. It is a kind of love that will have the power to move mountains and will overcome whatever comes your way.

Quality 2: Giving

By this I don’t mean material things. I would mean to give selflessly, putting oneself a second priority and have that of your partner first. Staying happy in a relationship would depend most on how each person gives and on how each person interacts in that two-way street. To put one’s partner’s needs on top priority is I think a gift that not everyone is fortunate to have. When both parties mastered this, it is easier for them to meet halfway.

Quality 3: Time

Time is the only element to prove one’s love. Time is also the one who has the power to make or break any relationship. If you have so much love in your heart but can’t give time to show it, it is rather empty and useless. Time is the best thing you can give to your partner. Just by staying for a few minutes listening to your partner’s musings is already bliss.

Quality 4: Communication

Establishing a good communication with your partner could lead to a happy and fulfilled relationship. Once you have mastered the art of communication, the pieces will just fall back to their places. Communication does not only involve talking but also more importantly, listening.

Quality 5: Honesty

One attribute of a person that can make up or destroy certain relationship is honesty. Being able to go up front and say the truth is I think the very thing that needs courage and discipline the most. This is because being honest involves huge risks. It involves the risk of total rejection. But once you are past that stage, things will become easier.

Quality 6: Trust

It is important in a relationship to have trust. It is the kind of trust that never falters. It is the kind of trust that you know your partner loves you. One caution though, too much trust could also break. Human frailty is the obstacle for trusting too much.

Quality 7: Understanding

When all has been said and done, the only thing left would be “understanding’. If you have this then there will be no doubt you can maintain a happy relationship. This will stand out alone. If you don’t understand then all efforts done to make the relationship intact is futile. Both party needs to compromise.

Those are just a few must-haves that prove to be essential when you want to stay happy in a relationship. The most important thing is you play the role well. Be true. Be smart. Be loving.