The Bottom Line Episode 6-“Play Cousins” aka Friends Of The Opposite Sex”

If you haven’t had  a chance to check out our WebSeries: “The Bottom Line” that we do each each and every week over at Black And Married With Kids, check out this episode and then check out some of the other episodes on our WebSeries page by clicking on it in the Navigation bar at the top of the page.

The Bottom Line Ep 6 (Play Cousins) from Tyler New Media on Vimeo.

We, at B Intentional, are very grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to partner with Essence Bloggers, Lamar & Ronnie Tyler of Black And Married With Kids. This WebSeries has gotten some really honest, productive, “keep it real” dialogue going. Every week we  provide clear and concise relationship advice that will end with us giving you, “The Bottom Line”. Check out the 6th episode where we talk about what happens when couples have friends of the opposite sex aka “Play Cousins”! You don’t want to miss this great episode!

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  1. RUBY Griffin
    RUBY Griffin says:

    In my childhood,i couldnt determine the stranger,from my family,back in the days,everybody was your uncle…..I was always surrounding by my enemies,that i thought loved me,but i was constantly running,fighting,and hidden,not from the outsider,but from the one,that was within….Back in the days,i fantasy myself living anywhere else,accept in the pit of hell,in drankness of the cruel of my family….

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