Keep Yo Mama Out My Kitchen

VIDEO: Interfering In-Laws can be the source of much frustration in an otherwise happy home. This wife writes in about her mother-in -laws incessant need to give her opinion or advice on just about everything. While, often times, parents mean well (and sometimes not!) continuous unsolicited commentary from yo mama is, generally speaking, NOT a good thing.

QUESTION: Who should be the one to handle meddling in-laws in your marriage? Can this unwanted behavior be stopped or is it just a part of the package you commit to when you’re married?

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  1. Leslie Wright
    Leslie Wright says:

    I totally concur with the communication factor. Whoever has the issue with the in law needs to speak to the other spouse about it & deal with it on a united front. That is so key. It’s that couples relationship.

  2. B Intentional
    B Intentional says:

    This is extremely common. I woke up this morning to 99.5 and the topic of discussion was overbearing in-laws. One wife was expressing her frustration because she and her husband chose to name their newborn Eleanor Christopher….however her husbands Mom had an issue with the middle name and sent out baby notices with the name Eleanor Andrews. Her explanation was that she thought Andrews was a better middle name. I was like FOORRREEAALL. So find comfort in knowing you are not alone….but also know that it’s O.K. to respectfully make your voice heard. – Ayize
    .-= B Intentional´s last blog ..You Down With Public Displays Of Connection? =-.

  3. Melissa Ricks
    Melissa Ricks says:

    My mother-in-law recently visited our home and although I love her and we tend to get along, I can relate to this blog. She is very meddlesome and opininated about everything. It drives my husband crazy. He does not have a problem letting her know she is over the top. I tend to deal with it more passively. That creastes a problem because she is less likely to share her opinion with him and more so with me because she knows I will probably not comment. But she gives her opinion on everything from my decorating style to my cooking. I probably need to say something to her at least once so she knows her opinion is not always welcome!

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