The Game Tweets: The Rumors Are TRUE. The Wedding is OFF. It’s Not Her Fault, It’s Mine!


After hearing the news about rapper The Game and his fiancee landing a reality Tv show to cover their upcoming wedding, within days of the announcement things suddently took a turn for the worst.

The Game, aka Jayceon Taylor, announced that the wedding was called off!

On Thursday, The Game took to his Twitter account and explained to his followers why he called off his July 28th wedding to long-time girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge.

The Game tweeted:

The rumors are TRUE. The wedding is OFF. It’s not her fault, it’s mine ! She’s a GREAT woman, I just wasn’t man enough 2 see it through.

Important message to all men: If you’re lucky to have 1/2 of the woman I had… Appreciate her & do everything necessary to keep her happy !

I am truly sorry & apologetic to my family, friends & EVERYONE that this has affected & inconvenienced.

Not everyone has a happy ending.

Alrighty then…maybe this was a good thing. Marriage is serious commitment. If your not ready to get married, then you should not do it.


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  2. Dee
    Dee says:

    It hurts, but I can respect his decision to not dig a deeper hole for himselfd…whatever the issue is that he is referring to.

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