Is Love Important In Marriage?

By Harold Hisona

Everyone would say that marriage is the most fulfilling experience in life wherein someone you love cares for you every second of the day. However, for the people who think and believe that marriage is just another ordinary rite of passage; this could be the worst experience in their lives. But generally, marriage should never be taken for granted because it is a lifetime commitment. Although divorce is the easy way out, it is never the ultimate answer or solution to a chaotic marriage. They only key to have a better married life is love and love alone. But there are ways to make married life light, easy and enjoyable. The following are simple tips to help marriage reach its fullness:

Marriage as a masterpiece of art

Art is being appreciated because of its rarity and uniqueness. The same is true with marriage. It is a lifetime commitment to the promise made with God as the witness. The fact that it is called marriage is because there is a very rare thing common between husband and wife–love. Without it, marriage is impossible as only those who are truly in love have the courage to bind themselves as one. Love is unique to every person and that’s what makes it the most precious possession on earth. Therefore, marriage is the output of the beauty of love.

Marriage is the key for self discovery

Love dwells in the abyss of ones personality. And only those persons who dedicate their life for the discovery of love can really discover their true self. However, everyone has his own vocation; therefore, everyone has different ways to discover love. There are those who dedicate their lives for the service of others, and there are those who want to be the servants of God in their own way. For sure, they can discover love the way they are destined to discover it. But for those whose vocation is married life, love can be discovered together with someone. Therefore, marriage is also the key to discover love which would lead to the discovery of oneself.

Marriage is Love-Centered

Marriage is no ordinary thing as it takes someone fully in love to engage is such lifetime bound. Marriage is a love-centered relationship. Husband and wife are not bound to each other but they are both bound in love. Without love, there is nothing that will hold them together forever. And that is the true essence of marriage, so let it be that way. No one could change it!

Having a happy marriage is what everyone couple desires. However, due to some circumstances, others may tend to fall easily, thus, resulting in divorce and the destruction of family. There is always one thing to help troubled relationships–love. Do not let anger and pride ruin the future of your marriage. Let love make your relationship stronger.