The Older The Woman….The Better The Sex…The Older The Man The More Comfort In Cuddling

How many times have you made a subtle sexual advance toward your wife only to be confronted by blatant rejection?  How many times have you winked at your husband or kissed your husband only to later find him sulking because he misconstrued your playful flirting? How many times has he asked, “When was the last time we had sex?”  How many times has she asked, “When was the last time we cuddled?” Well… these are all common experiences in relationships that frequently create disappointment, anger, and frustration.  Trust and believe you are not alone.  You probably feel like your “better half” just doesn’t “get it”…right.  Don’t worry, in due time your significant other will have the opportunity to see through your eyes.  In the below article from we see that as couples age…their appetite for intimacy changes as well.

The older, the better? You bet! A recent study found that as time progresses in a relationship, women become more satisfied with the sex — while men become more satisfied with the relationship as a whole. In fact, it takes 25 yearsin a long-term relationship for sex to begin predicting how happy women are with said relationship. Crazy, right? Hey, for a lot of us, that’s a long way off!

This information is based on new findings by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, which were reported by eHarmony. So what’s the deal with this 25-years thing? Do women really have to wait that long to reach peak sexual satisfaction?

Don’t fret. The researchers aren’t saying that women don’t enjoy themselves in bed until 25 years into a relationship. Rather, they’re explaining that over time, women become more sexually satisfied with their partners.

There are a couple of theories as to why this is happening. First, at about the 25-year mark, a lot of women are entering into menopause and no longer have to worry about the pregnancy and child-bearing that comes along with sex, so the experience is potentially more worry-free. Also, older women don’t have nearly as much pressure thrown at them about “performing.” They don’t exactly sit around reading Cosmo, hoping to find 50 more ways to please their man in bed. They’re comfortable enough in their relationships to know what works.

Guys work the opposite way. After 25 years, most of them are more happy with their relationships—though not necessarily with the sex. Men’s testosterone levels fall pretty swiftly as they age, and they’re more open to the simple things like cuddling up. They’re also putting the needs of their ladies ahead of their own. Aw.

A few other interesting facts came out of the study, so take a look:

1. The more sexual partners a guy has in his lifetime, the less sexually satisfied he is. (We love this one!)

2. In a win for women, a guy who is more concerned that his partner reaches orgasm is much happier in the relationship.

3. Curiously, lots of kissing and cuddling is key for a man when it comes to relationship happiness, but that isn’t the case for women.

Goes to show that long-term relationships pay off…

BLAM Fam…what do you think?  Have you noticed a difference in your sexual appetite as you’ve aged?

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  1. Sheila Beck
    Sheila Beck says:

    I read the YourTango article with interest….25 years in a relationship is a long time, but I am 25 years older AND a newlywed so yes I agree with it without going into any detail lol! Older women ROCK! Thanks for posting!

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