What?! Thousands Of Under Age Girls TRAFFICKED In For The Super Bowl!!

VIDEO: This story evokes many emotions, many thoughts, and intense anger.  While it is an outrage to us,  the pervasiveness of this activity indicates that this behavior is permitted and socially accepted by a “certain” pocket of the U.S. population.  The question we ask is Why?  Why do grown men traffick underage girls? Why do grown men sleep with underage girls?  What rationalizations do adults use to shift their psychology from being protectors of children to being exploiters of children? What do the traffickers see in the mentality of SuperBowl attendees to suggest that there would even be a market for selling sex?  There will probably be tons of exploratory answers addressing these questions. However, most of the conversation will fall on deaf ears.  This is unfortunate…because alongside the cheers that encourage super defense and exhilarating offense there will be ignored tears trickling down the faces of girls sold as “sex slaves” to the some of the sons, fathers, and grandfathers sitting in the stands.

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  1. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Real men don't buy sex. Real men don't do young girls! If you're doing this…you're a boy! Stay home and play with your toys. Sex is for grown-ups. Real men do real women and have real relationships. Anything less is immoral, illegal, immature, and you're going to jail eventually!
    Society would do well without you!

  2. Lync
    Lync says:

    For give me for saying this. But I see us that live in "America" just like "Rome", someday falling to our knees because the binds that we've been a part of the masses. I am not saying that we had a hand in this but we are a part of this society and when it fall so shall we all some day just like what happened to Rome.

    Again my apology for saying this. But where does it stop to make a difference in life as we know it. No one really cares about how morally wring this is. I am talking about those who profit from it all. Not you and me that can not control the media and it's choices. We do not matter.

    It's the ratings of thousands who silence our opinions everyday which is why I have come to this conclusion regarding Rome. You can preach to these young women day after day but the money and fame will always cloud their judgment every single time.

    What we think, they really could care less, real talk so where do we go from here. i like you want this gone, but who cares what I think or feel that's controlling our programing and using these girls as a plot to bring in sales and ratings, lol seriously where does it end.

    All of this is related to the chapters in Revelations in one way or another Have you seen what is going on in Egypt, shall I say more. You may even say, "one does not relate to the other" hey this is a domino effect that's taking place. We in America is a part of the effect it seems.

    Maybe I am way out there with this, However when I think about Revelations and what it describes through it's chapters, how can any of us look the other way as if the words are just text alone. Yo I am not trying to make this into a spiritual thing here, but the sounds of trumpets are becoming louder and louder every year that passes for some strange reason.

    So as for these young women. Each of them can refuse the money thrown at them for the sake of morals. However will they!

  3. Antonio C
    Antonio C says:

    This is a damn shame. It's unfortunate that people exploit other people that are surrounded by economic depravity who looking to do better for themselves. You were right when you said regardless of how senseless the behavior is……it is happening because there is a market for it.

  4. Linda
    Linda says:

    This is so sad.

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