What’s The Reason Behind The Kevin Garnett And Carmelo Anthony Spat?

By Ayize Ma’at

The other day when the Kevin Garnett and Melo beef first broke, like most other dudes in America, my initial thought was…it’s probably got something to do with someone’s wife.  Why?.. Well it’s sad to say….but many men push buttons to elevate their own sense of self and consequentially most men only go up in arms when it comes to disrespecting their money or their honey.  They’ve both got a bunch of “bread” so deductive reasoning led me to the thought that someone spoke sideways out their mouth about the other’s woman.  Well…since that time rumors have been swirling and according to a couple of sources there’s drama in the Anthony home and apparently during the game Kevin Garnett said something slick (LaLa taste like cheerios) to Carmelo Anthony.  With that being said…come on black fam…we’re better than this.  Kevin, you’re my man but if the rumors are true…that ain’t cool.  Carmelo and LaLa…if yall need some help working through some things…hit us up.  Yall can make it work if you’re willing to make it work.

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  1. left eye
    left eye says:

    I agree with Wendy. Athletes are known cheaters.

  2. Thomasina
    Thomasina says:

    Okay, in order to get that hype he must of kinda agreed! LOL Besides, affairs of the heart take things to a whole 'nother level. BTW I just fell in love with Wendy show thanks to this clip.

  3. Pico
    Pico says:

    This is immature and childish. You're a grown as man Dawg!!!

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