Where Do You Draw The Line In Your House?

By Team BLAM

Man O’ Man do we have some stories.  As many of you know we’ve been together since we were 17.   During the time that we were together in high school we managed a budding relationship fueled by curiosity, friendship, and HORMONES. LOL.  Sometimes in our moments of reflection we actually look at each other and say “I can’t believe we were brave enough to do that.”  Yall know what we’re talking about….those “sneak-n-freak” sessions.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about…too bad…you missed out.  Just kidding. What’s funny is that we were always trying to find a way to get cozy with each other while remaining considerate of “The Rules” our parents had in place.  You know “The Rules” ….Company must leave before midnight, No boy should be in your bedroom, Keep your bedroom door open, Be back in the house by 1.  Yeah those rules.   While we had the utmost respect for “The Rules”…rules are meant to be broken…especially by teenagers.  There were several times where we had to deal with “The Conversation” from our parents.  It’s all good though..we knew we were destined to be together.

Fast forward 17 years and our world has drastically changed.  Our connection has intensified and we now have 4 wonderful children all under the age of 10.  With that being said….we know in about 10 years we’ll probably be caught in a tornado of issues dealing with teenage children.  We’re ready, willing, and able for all that may come our way….so we think. LOL.

The other day we received a question from one of our viewers that prompted this post.  They asked us what do we think about allowing your teenage children to have SEX in your home.  Of course we were like WOW….if this was on the table back when we were teenagers we’d probably have 30 kids lol.  Apparently this isn’t an anomoly…more and more parents are allowing there children to have sex in their homes because they feel like it is safer (i.e. reduces promiscuity and the chance of catching diseases) and leads to a more open and honest relationship with the parents.  Oh…not to mention avoiding that infamous knock on the window by the police.  So BLAM Fam we want to know what yall think.  Would you allow your children to have sex in your home if they’re in a committed relationship?  To make it more interesting we’ll throw two more questions in there because we know parents are allowing these as well:

Would you allow your teenager/young adult to smoke weed in your home?

Would you allow your 19 or 20 year old to drink alcohol in your home?

BLAM Fam let us know what you think….of course the common argument is that “I’d rather them do it in my house and I know what they’re doing…vs… do it out in the streets and get caught up.”

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  1. FWill80
    FWill80 says:

    When I was younger, my second boyfriend's mother allowed us to be intimate in her home because she felt it was safe for us.. I don't think personally that i can deal with my child having sex in my home…I think when that happens she/he should have a job, and be out on there own, in there own home and grown.

  2. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Sex is a private act; anyone who wants to partake of it should pay for the house they do it in. That way, when the consequences of sex (children) come along, the little ones will have somewhere to be raised. Underage drinking and illegal drug use of any kind should be avoided, unless a person likes to be detained against their will by the nice police officer.

    When kids don't have the maturity to deal with the consequences of their own behavior, the parents are wrong to put them in a position to pay a bill they can't afford. Ever heard of "contributing to the delinquency of a minor"? Google it and see how much time you'll get for it!

  3. TaF
    TaF says:

    good topic! I’ll start off by sayin im a 19 yr old lady who’s also a pk (preacher’s kid). Haha that already says a lot :p of course, my parents have been very strict on no sex, weed, or alcohol period… I’ve been with my current significan other on n off since we were 15…thankfully he’s never pressured sex before marriage n he completely respects n honors my body (unlike past boys) so that is not a concern. I am not interested in smoking but alcohol is a different story. I have had the chance to drink, but probably have never drunk more than 4x. I have a close friend whose mom actually buys us 19yo the alcohol, as long as we have a designated driver to get home.

  4. De-De
    De-De says:

    No, No and No!!! While I had plenty of sex if my parents' home…the freak sessions…I would never condone that action from my children. Never. Smoking weed in my home or elsewhere is a big bat never. Drinking in my home at 19 or 20. No!! I have been to folks home who allowed us to drink in the house…I thought it was crazy then and I think it is crazy now.

  5. Kennard Stinette
    Kennard Stinette says:

    Its so funny. When I was a youngin, I swore that I would let my kids have sex in the house, get high and have fun, as long as its at home then outside. Then I grew the hell up and realized there wasn' t any way on God's green earth was I co…ndoning that foolishness. What Ive come to realized is that it SEEMS like only the spiritual or fundamentally mature folk who know and understand the consequences of these allowances are talking like this these days. Somewhere beginning at my generation (40) up until this generation have lost their damn minds lol. And what kills me the most!!!!!! Is when we see a decaying society and sit around dumb faced saying "why is this going on?" And every body has the answers right in their own homes. Ridiculous. One mans opinion.

  6. Yemi
    Yemi says:

    Hell no, sex is for marriage and they will have to go do it in their own home, weed is a no no at any age and underage drink no thanks.

  7. MichaelAngelo
    MichaelAngelo says:

    SEX makes the world go 'round. At first thought I would allow it, but then I thought about it. I would use the chance to teach the couple (my child and their boyfriend/girlfriend) about responsibility and life. I would respect their relationship and let them know if they're feeling like they want sex, I would simply tell them to GET A JOB AND GET A HOTEL ROOM!! once they get the job they idle time to grind and have sex is a little less and both kids would be motivated to get a job if nothing else just to have sex, I mean really that's the only reason why any single folk go to work for any way, buy clothes get hair done look good to attract the other species.

  8. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Hell Nah!!!! I'm not having none of it in my house. If you're gonna choose to have sex, smoke weed, or drink underage, then you've chosen to get out of my house. Period.

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