Why Men Go To Sleep After Sex..LOL

What we discuss in this video is timeless.  It happened way back when in ancient Kemet and it still happens today all over the world.  After guys get a piece of that “oooh wee” there’s a tendency to drift, to fade, to pass out and when it happens women are left sitting, laying, wondering all to themselves…”What in the hell just happened”?  Many women get pissed when you decide to take a stroll with the Sandman after sex.  Other’s get irritated, as my wife so eloquently states in this video.  Wherever your sentiments rest on post sex satisfaction, I want you to know…..YOUR MAN GOES TO SLEEP AFTER SEX BECAUSE HE’S SATISFIED.  You did your job Boo.  Be proud….our ZZZZZZ’s are your standing ovation.  Lol


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  1. latoya
    latoya says:

    Well I know I didn’t have to ask why he falls.asleep everytime afterwards sometimes he falls asleep right on top! He let me know that he was satisfied and that it shouldn’t be so good! I laugh and told him I needed to change something because he keep going to sleep afterwards he told no keep doing what you are doing and that’s putting me to sleep! So that let me know I’m doing my job right and TKO him every time! Lol

  2. Rev-G
    Rev-G says:

    My girl and I nearly always fall asleep together afterwards. We like the physicality of our intimacy. It is exhausting and satisfying. There are times when we actually fall asleep together somewhere between the third & fourth rounds. When those beta-endorphins kick in and that euphoria from satisfaction settles on you, there is NOTHING you can do to stay awake! I have tried!!! But we are all very different creatures so to each his or her for that matter own!!!

  3. it recycling
    it recycling says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for over three years now, and we have great , amazing sex. But straight after he goes to sleep, and thats all we ever do on the weekend. We never go out.

    • Rev-G
      Rev-G says:

      After three years it is the norm! If you want to change that you'd better communicate! If you express to him you want to get out on the weekends before breaking him off, I'm sure he'll accommodate you. If not, it is up to you to convince him to.

  4. IshaPeach
    IshaPeach says:

    lmao yall are super cute…this video made me laugh

  5. Brownhornet
    Brownhornet says:

    Can't speak for everybody, but theres 2 reasons for me. I'm really tired from work or i'm not interested in her. Just there for SELF GRATIFICATION.

  6. Kingru77
    Kingru77 says:

    Actually it's a proven fact that after ejaculation there is a chemical release (the hormone prolactin) and others that cause men to go to sleep after sex. Of course other factors like time and physical exhaustion play factors in it as well. So ladies don't be upset, it's a natural response to the activity. This also happens in the animal kingdom……especially in big cats. That said, brothers take that nap and give her what she wants.

  7. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    You guys are so cute! Lol!

  8. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    I AGREE WITH YOU……….AIYANA. MEN STAY YO ASS UP!!!!! Please can we get 30 minutes after sex? I mean damn when you are sound asleep all we women do is stay awake staring at the ceiling/wall/tv. Not that it wasn't good but seriously I need an extra 30 mins to talk or cuddle or just passionate kisses……something.
    And if you can answer Mrs. Ma'at, I am like you after sex I get a hell of a lot of energy and want to go do stuff or run a marathon, or something physical. Whats that about?

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