Yes…Women Masturbate Too

By Dr. John Anne

Female masturbation could easily qualify as one of the most controversial sex-health related topics in the world in any age. In most cultures, a woman masturbating is something that is unheard of. If it were ever found out that a woman pleasures herself in such a manner, then she would have to bear the brunt of ostracism in the very society she lives in. But the trends are changing slowly. In some cultures, the fact that women do masturbate to relieve their sexual tensions is coming out into the open. Women are increasingly talking about their little solo stints with as much frankness as men talk about their jack-off sessions.

Masturbation is the act of stimulating one’s own genitals by hand or by any other agency. The stimulation is generally done to the point of a climax, which may be quite similar to the orgasmic pleasure obtained in sexual intercourse. Both men and women masturbate; and as already mentioned above, men masturbate with more openness than women. But women also masturbate, and this article weighs the pros and cons of female masturbation.

Women generally masturbate by arousing their external genitals with their fingers. They would stimulate the vulva and the labia, with special pressure on the clitoris. Some women like to enhance the experience by introducing penis-shaped objects like cucumbers and bananas into their vaginas, and rubbing them in such a way that they would stimulate the clitoris. Women could use KY Jelly or Vaseline in order to make the contact smoother and better in feel. There are also several sexual toys that can be used, such as dildos, which come replete with vibrators operated by batteries. These vibrating dildos are considered to be the extreme when it comes to female masturbation.

It can be understood, therefore, that female masturbation is much different from male masturbation. For men, the only way of masturbating is by exerting different kinds of pressures on the penis (or anal stimulation), but for women, there are several areas along the genital tract that can be stimulated. Though the clitoris is the focal point, there are several other erogenous zones, including the famous G-spot within the vagina.

Also men need physical touch in order to masturbate. This is not the case in women. Women can masturbate even by mere thought, without even touching their genitals once. Women are known to masturbate without touching their genitals while reading erotic material, listening to soulful music or even by just looking at a painting or a piece of art. This enables women to masturbate even in public without being caught. In women, masturbation could become an entirely mental process, while in men the physical aspect of masturbation is much too important.

Apart from the immense pleasure it provides, female masturbation has several uses also. Today, since masturbation in women has come out in the women, some gynecologists are in fact prescribing masturbation to some women. It is interesting to see what the uses of masturbation are for women:

–  Firstly, masturbation helps to relieve sexual frustrations. Nowadays with almost all women having their careers and being forced to live solitary lives, the sexual seclusion has become a part of life. Masturbation can take part of a bit of that seclusion.

–  Women who have diseases like diabetes can find penetrative sex too discomforting. For such women, masturbation is prescribed to relieve sexual frustrations.

– Many women are deciding to remain single nowadays. There is also the scare of a lot of sexual diseases. Thus, women can look upon masturbation as an option.

–  Most women complain that their men lack the knowledge to give them satisfaction. Such women could masturbate themselves in front of their male partners to show them how to go about the foreplay and actual intercourse. In fact, the sight of a woman masturbating in front of him is a great way to increase his libido.

–  Women who are pregnant do not indulge in active sexual intercourse as there are a lot of risks involved. However, pregnancy is known to increase the libido in women. Such couples could mutually masturbate each other to relieve some of the stress.

However, there are also some risks involved with masturbation in women that are not existent in men. Women who masturbate actively must take care of the following:

–  Women must not insert their fingers in the vagina with untrimmed nails. The nails could damage the inner delicate lining of the vagina. Before masturbating, the woman must neatly file and trim her nails.

– It is dangerous to insert any fruits or vegetables into the vagina that are small in size. There is a risk of them getting stuck in the vaginal tract or even entering the uterus.

–  Any tools with sharp edges must not be entered in the vagina.

–  A woman who masturbates a lot could get so much hooked with it that she might find intercourse boring.

For women, masturbation could be a way to relieve their sexual stresses; but it is also a method of realizing their freedom. If done correctly and within limit, it could make the woman lead a better, stress-free life.

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  1. Carl
    Carl says:

    "in some cultures" you say…. yeah, what cultures exactly? Can you name them?

    Cliches are vain and have no contribution for a better information.

    Masturbation is an intimate thing, be it for male or female, and like all intimate things, it's not something that you go around and naturally talk about. And I seriously doubt that you go around and talk about your masturbation sessions either, or go around and have a public masturbation session in the street…

    It's private, as all sexuality is, something you only share with the person (or people) you trust to share your private stuff, be it sexual or not. And should remain private, that's part of what makes it more interesting and beautiful. Turning it public is destroying it's beauty, pleasure and makes it trivial, losing all the interest.

    Of course in more developed countries where internet is more widely spread makes it possible to talk about masturbation and other sexuality subjects and remain more or less anonymous, just like you are doing on this website…

  2. Janet
    Janet says:

    Great article, good info to share with young woman. We must not be shy about exploring our bodies. I love me often, giggling!

  3. Jei LThom
    Jei LThom says:

    It's good that more women are more comfortable with even admitting that masturbation is OK. I think many young women should try to masturbate in order develop a sense of what sexual pleasure is pleasing to them.

    How do you know what you like if you haven't masturbated before?

    All too often, women become dissatisfied with their partner's idea of intercourse & oral sex, but not know what could be done to make the experience better. Men are more "in tune" with what feels good during intercourse because their practice of masturbation have 'taught" them what feels good and what doesn't.

    • Jei LThom
      Jei LThom says:

      I wanted to add that women are naturally attractive. For the typical woman that is somewhat confident about herself, she can get sex just about whenever she wants it. For most men, it's the opposite — they must put in some work, time, planning. For women who masturbate, it's a way to get to know themselves better, mastery of their own self. For many men, it's a way to provide pleasure for yourself when there is no one to offer it to you (most of the time).

      If a guy is in a fairly new relationship and his wife admits that she has never really thought about masturbating (wow!), it's probably because she has never really had to think about it. From the time she becomes attractive at a young age until the present, there has always been at least one guy trying to get into her pants.

      • carl
        carl says:

        I agree that women do not need to put much or any) effort in getting sex, whether they are attractive or not, while for men they have to put a lot of effort and planning.

        I do not agree that men masturbate to replace the lack of sex when they don't have a partner providing it. Just like for women it's also mainly a way to get to know themselves.

        This idea that men and women have different ways of perceiving sexuality is a myth and cultural based. They do have different ways of being aroused, and sexually stimulated, but without the restrains of cultural and sociological restrains they have the exactly the same sexual interests.

  4. Kenyatta
    Kenyatta says:

    This is definitely true…I thoroughly enjoy watching my wife masturbate. It's all good with me.

  5. Jason R.
    Jason R. says:

    Question…Do married women masturbate? I mean I'm pretty sure she can have "it" whenever she wants "it" from her husband so why the need to stimulate herself when she has a husband that is ready willing and able to be a "boy toy?

    • Sweet Thang
      Sweet Thang says:

      Of course married women masturbate. I touch myself because I want to make myself feel good. Sure my husband is the bomb…but there's something sacred about the relationship a woman has with her body when she's alone.

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