10 Things You Can Do To Satisfy Your Man Sexually

By Greg Michael

You just can’t lay down in bed spread your legs and expect him to jump for joy. Great lovemaking does not automatically happen, you must do these ten things if you want your man to be fully satisfied in bed:

1. Open yourself both physically and mentally so that both of you can better achieve an orgasm. Some women think that it is just good enough to simply be naked in bed and great sex will happen. Not so. You have to be open physically and mentally by giving into the physical pleasure you feel, and making sure your mind is engaged in the pleasure as well.

2. When you are giving your man oral sex do not make it seem like you are doing him a favor. Give him a oral sex the way you would want him to do the same to you. Your attention to detail and your enthusiasm will come through in the act. If he feels you genuinely want to pleasure him, he will respond to you with the biggest orgasm.

3. Find out what his fantasy is and let him indulge in it — as long as it is something that you are comfortable with, and will not end up ruining your relationship.

4. Incorporate sex toys into your lovemaking. Find out what he enjoys and let him have it. Sometimes it may end up being something that you will derive a lot of pleasure from.

5. Put on your sexiest lingerie and do a strip tease for him. Make sure you have lit up some scented candles, and put on some soft music. As you dance for him, touch him in his sweet spots and be sure to tease him a little. Do not let him touch you even if he wants to, until you are completely nude.

6. Ask him if he would like to watch you masturbate and then give him a show that he must watch through to the end as if he were looking at you through a peep show window. The tension and excitement will most likely drive both of you into a frenzy that only a good orgasm will quench.

7. Surprise him by initiating sex. Most of the time men initiate sex even to the point that they feel that it has turned into one of their chores. It is a turn on when you initiate sex.

8. Turn him on by letting him know what you enjoy in bed. If you get the most pleasure when he penetrates you from the back, vocalize it during lovemaking. Men feel good about making love to you when you let them know that they are hitting your sweet spot.

9. Offer yourself to him blindfolded. Often this willingness to surrender and to trust him completely can heighten his sexual experience.

10. Do not be afraid to explore each other’ s bodies before, during, and after sex. As you well know, men are visual beings and are turned on when you let them see all of you — with the lights on.

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12 replies
  1. Usha Thomas
    Usha Thomas says:

    I Like to suck my Husbunds cock Drunk his cock juices even his his urine that time………….. thats our sex

  2. Oh Really?
    Oh Really? says:

    What happens when intimacy is lost in a marriage because of negative tongue, and down right bad talking about your spouse? How can you open up to them again sexuàlly? Too many walls built up…too many things thrown back in my face…..I’dfeel more sexually free with someone besides my spouse because I havent been slapped in the face repeatedly by being open. It’s causing me to be depressed, and I’m afraid to really voice my real feelings because we have children and I want them to have more than I had. Depressed?in Detroit

    • Shal
      Shal says:

      Just in the same shoe here. No one to talk to about as it seems very sensitive. What do I do?

  3. shawline shawke
    shawline shawke says:

    hei i need sex tip for men cos i really want to surprice my fiancee sexually.

  4. Brim
    Brim says:

    My wife has forgotten all about the things it took to get me when we first met now she has gotten so comfortable with marriage that she don’t want to do anything any more for me or me to her. Ladies don’t forget that you have to please your man and men vice versa

  5. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    I feel the same in order for me to be in the mood he’s gotta warm up the engine. I want an article for men..

    • perspective
      perspective says:

      I’ll never unddrstand why women don’t want to feel like sex objects, but then say “he’s gotta get me in the mood” as if you are in fact an object….I doubt you have to get your man in the mood. Hes simply showing you appreciation.

  6. Keyonda
    Keyonda says:

    I second what Lady OH is saying. Women like to be satisfied to. My husband has gotten flat out lazy when it to "tending to his garden". #men need sex tips too

  7. Lady OH
    Lady OH says:

    Nice read, but…. erah (in Tommy from Martin voice)… what about us women? So many articles giving “bedroom tips” put a lot of emphasis on women satisfying their men. That’s cool, but I’d like to see some advice for the men out here because they need it too. They need to work on that thing called ROMANCE something terrible, I’m trying to tell you, lmbo. I mean, maybe I want a strip tease and a lap dance. Put on something sexy for me (men can get sexy too, lol). They make lingerie for men. Check out lingeriediva.com and 3wishes.com. I see I’m going to have to write my own article. BLAM, I’ll send it to you when I’m done. We’re being left out ladies, lol. Nice read though, really!

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