4 Ways To Reconnect And Save A Failing Marriage

By Minnisha DeGrate

The thought of your marriage failing can be so overwhelming and scary that you’re too afraid to take action. Considering we are an imperfect people , it is only logical to think that our marriages will become strained at one time or another. However, in knowing this we ought to also be aware that these are the moments in marriage that can matter most. These moments are the opportunities for the bond in your marriage to grow , or mark the moments your marriage began to fail.

1. Focus on Attraction-

Reflect on the positive things your marriage was first built on, such as remembering why what brought you two together. Focus on the character traits that attracted you to your partner. For instance , sense of humor, uniqueness, common interest, physical appearance, or even any of the smallest things you can think of. Make an effort to rekindle that romance and reconnect with your partner. It’s easy to get distracted with the everyday stress of life and displace these feelings.

2. Touch Just To Touch-

Make it an obvious point to touch your partner, just for the sake of touching. Emotional resilience frequently keep us from getting near to the ones we care most for, but that it doesn’t cruel that the desire to do so isn’t there. These are times when unconditional love exposes itself in marriages, and this alone can in some cases turn a failing marriage around. Even one thing as simple as brushing against your wife/husband as you pass one another in the hall way. Small efforts can often times yield enormous results.

3. Kissing Your Partner –

Kissing is much different than touching your wife/husband. Kissing someone is no accident, it is a display of intentional affection in your marriage. Kissing can lead to a unforgettable passionate moments. And in an instance, the miserable marriage you thought was falling apart, has managed to save itself.

4. A Fresh Start Everyday-

Strive to permit each unused day to be a fresh start in your marriage, don’t make your marriage miserable by adding yesterday’s brief comings to each unused day. We are all human, but in the institution of marriage we often hold our partners to unrealistic standards.

In conclusion, we all know that in life our efforts don’t always give us the results we would like to have. Without ever trying we will never know what results our efforts could deliver to us in return. Walking elsewhere from a marriage that’s failed, no matter what caused it to fail, is never easy. However, if you take the initiative now , and at least try to save your marriage. I truly do believe with success or failure, you will be able to go on knowing you tried your very best. Always wishing my own readers the best!

Minnisha DeGrate [Williams] is the CEO and Founder of Tankum’s Legacy; she is a full time writer, Webmaster, Internet Marketing Researcher, and Co-CEO of L&R HR Consulting and Staffing Service. Minnisha also travels and dedicates time to motivational speaking; she strives to encourage others through compassionate works. You can find more of her work at www.minnisha.com