Dumb Sex Rumors That Some Folks Still Seem To Believe

By: Solae’ Dehvine

Sex is one of the oldest and probably the hottest topic ever discussed….sorry God.  No matter what you say or do it’s practically impossible to escape its presence because it permeates nearly every part of our daily existence.  And I’m not saying you should run from sex.  Sex is a beautiful thing.  What I’m advocating for is responsible sex.  Responsible sex begins with being informed.  I want people to stop spreading lies about sex so I’ve created a list of  the top 10 dumb things people have told you about sex and why you shouldn’t believe them.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

RumorYou can’t get pregnant while on your period

Truth: Having sex during a menstrual cycle or the first few days of menstruation will not keep women from getting pregnant. Maybe people think because menstruation is the “cleaning cycle” and they think that the sperm will be cleaned out too. But if you didn’t know sperm can live inside for up to 5-7 days.

Rumor: She got pregnant by giving head.

Truth:  I wanted to slap the braces off the girl that told me this. We were in 9th grade so maybe she really believed it but I didn’t. Unlike her I paid attention in health and knew that your stomach and ovaries had nothing to do with each other. Supposedly the girl that was walking around our school with a big belly was giving head, swallowed, and “mysteriously” got pregnant. Yeah…. Right. What she neglected to say was that while the girl was giving a BJ somebody else was penetrating her. Slap whoever tells you this…tell em I told you to do it.

Rumor: No need to wear a condom baby, I’ll just pull out.

Truth: No Yo butt won’t because I’ll be pregnant or worse contract an STD. Before a man ejaculates there’s a small amount of lubricating fluid (pre-cum or pre-ejaculation) that exits the penis to sort of “clear the way” for the big event. Men don’t normally feel this happening so they won’t know to pull out. Pre-cum sometimes has sperm in it and STDs such as HIV can be contracted from it. Make him put a condom on.

Rumor: But if he cums in me I can just douche it away.. no big deal.

Truth: Wrong again grass hopper. By the time you get to a douche the sperm would have already come in contact with the egg and you definitely would have contracted a disease. Even if you do it immediately after it’s too late. Try again

Rumor: Well, let’s have sex in the pool. You can’t get pregnant that way.

Truth: A sperm’s prime responsibility is to find an egg and fertilize it. Whether you’re in water or not isn’t going to stop that from happening. Don’t confuse ejaculating into a pool and getting pregnant with this. That is two different things and no you can’t get pregnant if someone ejaculates into a pool. Pool water has too much chlorine and is probably too cold for sperm to live longer than a few seconds.

Rumor: I won’t get pregnant the first time I have sex

Truth: A lot of women believed this and ended up in labor nine months later. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time you can still get pregnant. Proceed with caution either way.

Rumor: He has to cum inside me for me to get an STD

Truth:Nope, contact is all you need to get an STD. STD cells and bumps can live on the external portions of our genital areas. Better be safe than sorry and wrap it up.

Rumor: I’ve had a few female problems; I’m not going to get pregnant.

Truth: Unless you have a full hysterectomy there is always a chance that you can get pregnant. A doctor saying “you probably won’t get pregnant” is not a 100% full proof situation. Anything is possible.

Rumor: Even if you can possibly get pregnant in the water you still can’t get an STD.

Truth: Whatever the fascination is with water this is still false. You can contract an STD from water sex. Women are known for contracting urinary tract infections and yeast infections from water sex as well.

Rumor: I can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Truth: I can sort of see the logic in this misconception since while breastfeeding you usually don’t menstruate but you can ovulate without knowing and menstruation will return eventually. Just because you can’t see or feel anything doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.

There you have it. Don’t say Solae’ didn’t try to teach you something. Now go spread the word and stop believing everything you hear.

Solae’ Dehvine: Pronounced just the way its spelled. Solaé is straight forward to say the least. But with a contagious charisma that draws people in and holds them hostage. Simply courageous and is afraid of no one and nothing. Never have you met anyone as sexy and like-able but yet so real. Sadly, you probably never will.

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  1. @rockwyld
    @rockwyld says:

    I can't help but wondering what ADULT believes any of these rumors

    • Elle Royal
      Elle Royal says:

      i agree. i thought we where dealing with a mature crowd. i'm not sure teenagers would say these things in truth. i think the writer was attempting humor so i'll lmao.. : )
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