(African) Americans Are More Likely Than Ever To Wed Outside Their Racial Group

VIDEO: Interracial marriages are stirring up the “melting pot” more than ever.  According to Diane Swayer in this June 2010 broadcast this has been happening at a record rate in America. In fact, 1 in 6 new marriages are interracial. What is interesting is that while interracial marriage has been steadily increasing in this country African-Americans have typically been slow to follow—-until now. A notable shift has happened in the black community. 22% of black men married outside of their race in 2008 while 9% of black women married outside of their race the same year. As I listened to this clip….I wasn’t really sure what to make of those numbers. I  wonder why a shift is now occurring in the black community and we apparently are now more open to interracial dating & marriage. I also find it curious that black men seem to be leading this climb in our numbers… Listen in to Diane Sawyer as she paints a picture of where America has been and is now. Food for thought…. As always, I would love to hear your take on this.

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  1. Kentake
    Kentake says:

    i'm not impressed personally. as a woman who is very proud of being of Afrikan descent i think it is important for black people to have an honor and respect for themselves and each other first and foremost. we must master the love of self completely and analyze what that means as black people in america. if you truly love yourself you will seek out those who are also in your own divine image. if you truly love yourself you will want to reproduce yourself meaning you will desire to recreate a child that is in your Own divine image so that the future generations of children in your lineage will be of your own likeness, black! this is the LAW of self preservation and spiritual cultivation even animals know this. i truly believe that interracial coupling is a form of self annihilation, cultural assimilation and confusion. and for me i would not accept this from any of my children, and i will never change on that.

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