Why Do Black Men Harass Black Women In The Street?

VIDEO: “I am sick and tired of Black men cat calling, asking if they can walk with me, calling me shorty and disrespecting me in the street. Black men shut your pie holes before I pull your du-rag over your eyes! Other sistas have complained about this. Black men, stop acting like baboons in the street and leave Black women alone!”

These are the words of the author of this video…pretty disturbing. Disturbing on many levels. Please be advised that the video that follows is adult material, contains profanity, and is raw and to the point. On one hand we are disturbed by some of the words the author uses to describe black men and this particular behavior. On the other hand there is truth that exists in the author’s words. I (Aiyana) have experienced situations similar to this back in the day but it would be a stretch to say that the brothas trying to holler at me were men…they were clearly boys. Take a look and tell us what you think….

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  1. Rita Santiago
    Rita Santiago says:

    Hi, my name is Rita and I have experienced very negative behavior from guys out in the streets. They think that just because I fix myself up and that I walk by them that it is to look good for them. I take pride in my physical appearance and it aggrivates me to be punished by guys who are not even men at all. They are far from the definotion of a man. They are crazy ass lunatics who don't know how to express themselves.I do think about wanting to get the law involved but a lot of times they dont do too much about it . Real men should step up and put an end to it. I guess a lot of ppl that have seen me experience this dont interfere because they dont want to get involved or thimk I am some hoe because it is happening. But there are times when Ive had such bad experiences that I want to carry around a gun on me and just shoot niggas because of how stupid they are. They act as if they are possessed and like they never seen a woman before.

  2. Alphonso
    Alphonso says:

    Real men need to step up and denounce this disrespectful behavior. A media campaign would help but I don't know who would fund it. Some cities are worse than others. When I was coming up you didn't speak up if you couldn't deliver, but here in D.C. guys with no job, living with mom etc. have no hesitation dressing down or propositioning a sista on the street.

  3. Terrence Ferguson
    Terrence Ferguson says:

    Those who know me know that I've never been disrespectful to women, however it frustrated me as a student and a teacher that a lot of the education girls/women were drawn to what I considered to be thugish behavior.
    This video was disturbing to me, because I've been kind of immune to that kind of street behavior. That's probably just a coincidence. I never would have imagined that some guy would kill a beautiful young lady just because she did not return his UNWANTED advances. My heart hurts for those families. A lot of these guys need to be taught how to be gentlemen and it is up to our community to teach these young guys. Let's get back to each one teach one. Now I have something else I need to worry about in regard to my baby.

  4. Dorene K
    Dorene K says:

    The sad thing is that because this seems to be the norm, a lot of women don't know how to react to a man that is being respectful.

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