Janks Morton Film Trailer & Premiere: (For Women Only) We Need To Talk: A Message To Our Daughters

VIDEO: This one is from the Sistas to the Daughters….

“With heartfelt and intimate moments shared by ten phenomenal women from the southside of Chicago, their riveting and untold story will be shared… Sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, or girlfriend, there is something I need to tell you about my life, and I hope my story will help you to heal…”

Filmmakers like Janks Morton and Lamar & Ronnie Tyler are not waiting for anyone to greenlight anything. They are taking control of our images and the conversations and charting new and unseen territory. We must support our own! Sisters pencil it in. Brothers tell the women in your lives. On August 5th at 8:00pm The Red Carpet Film Event “We Need To Talk: A Message To Our Daughters” will premiere at the Historic Avalon Theatre in Washington, D.C. For event details and tickets click here.