5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

By Darryl Mobley

It’s easy to get in to a relationship rut, even when you truly love each other. However, it is dangerous to let this happen because once you’re in too deep, it’s difficult to dig yourself out. So, remember these 5 tips that will always keep your relationship fresh and alive.

1. Laugh It Up. Don’t take life too seriously. Look for things that you can laugh at together. My wife and I find humor in all sorts of situations that might cause other couples to fight — like our hotel forgetting to order our taxi and as a result, us getting separated and then missing our train in a foreign country. We actually saw the other couple this happened to on our trip yelling at each other in the middle of the street at the top of their lungs. We found that amusing (and sad for them) and still make fun of it to this day.

2. Grab a Kiss and Hug. Remember when you first starting dating and you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other? You took every opportunity to grab a discrete kiss or hug or squeeze hands. Why stop showing affection? Not only does this remind you and your honey how important you are too each other, it’s actually good for you!

Research has shown that couples who regularly give and receive affection are healthier and live longer. Make it a point to always greet your significant other with a hug and kiss. Also, give each other at least 10 minutes a day of undivided attention.

3. Give A Treat “Just Because.” Don’t wait for a special holiday or birthday to give your one-and-only a gift. Show your significant other how you feel when they least expect it. My wife likes to bring me treats from the grocery store on occasion that she knows I like and that she wouldn’t normally buy. And when the treats make their way into the house, she makes a big deal out of letting the kids know that whatever she’s purchased is for me, not them.

4. The Power of Praise. Many special qualities attracted you to your mate — their sense of humor, kindness, smarts, quick wit, personality… How often do you tell your honey what you appreciate about them and what makes them special to you?

Research shows that people tend to live up to (or down to) expectations. What this means is that if we expect and encourage the habits and traits we love in our mate, then they are likely to develop even more habits and traits that we find positive. One way to praise and encourage the traits and habits you love about your mate is to first, write down everything you love about your mate on a piece of paper. Then, look at this list every morning and choose a trait you will compliment your significant other on for that particular day. Try it. You’ll be amazed at the positive reaction you will get.

5. Give Your Precious Time. One thing we cannot control is the number of hours in a day. Time is a scarce commodity. Most people wish they could cram more hours into a day. Well, what better way to show your honey you love them than to give the gift of time? Volunteer to run an errand you know your honey really doesn’t have time for. Or, cut them some slack on the household chores. Your mate will notice and reciprocate.

Remember, to keep your relationship strong, never stop dating. Everyone’s always on their best behavior when they’re dating.

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