5 LIES Married Men Tell To Desperate Women

By Ruth Purple

If you are involved with a married man and believe it’s going somewhere, well think again. Married men are wily, wicked creatures. They will tell you everything and anything under the sun to make you believe that you have a future with them. When in fact, only 3% of philandering married men will leave their wives for their mistresses… this means that you have a 3% chance of“happy ending,” that’s a very slim chance.

Now, he may like you a lot or even love you, but not enough to leave his wife and kids. However, if ever you do end up together, there is an equally slimmer chance that he will be faithful with you, as the saying goes, “if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.”

In spite of all these seemed impossible chances of having a future with married men, why are there still so many gullible women who still believe them? I guess one of the possible reasons is that they are unaware of the lies married men tell.

Men can tell a whole lot of lies just to keep you hanging around, if you hear one or more of these lies, it’s time to turn away.

* “I don’t love my wife anymore.” This is one of the most common lies married men tell simply because there is no concrete way of proving this to you. You just have to take Pinocchio’s word for it. If he throws you this line, tell him to man- up, settle his rut before whoring around.

* “We’re only in the marriage for the children.” This is the perfect excuse married men tell, because somehow it triggers the sympathy factor- a noble act of giving-up his own happiness for the children’s sake. This is all trash, if he is really a good father as he is trying to imply, then he should be at home, trying to be a good role model to his children and making things right with his children’s mother rather than trying to get to bed with you.

* “We’re not having sex anymore.” Or “We’re not sleeping together for a long time.” Then there must be a good reason, and if things are that bad at home, then why is he still there? If he is trying to work on his lousy marriage, then why is he being smooth with you? It just does not add up. Do not fall it.

* “We really want a divorce, but we can’t afford it.” Married men who use this line must be from, “Loserville.” He cannot afford a divorce, but he can afford to have an affair with you. You must be as stupid as he is to fall for this line.

* “I’m leaving her soon.” Or “I’m leaving her as soon as…” Usually, married men use this line when they sense that you are slowly pulling away. Remember, if he wanted to leave his wife, he could have done it way back when he realized their marriage is not working.

Married men are bored and they need distractions; they want someone who can ease up their tensions. They are not looking for relationships; they are not looking for “you and me forever,” they just want someone to play around with, at the end of the day; they go home to the people that matters to their life, and that is not you.

Ruth Purple is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals and couples in their relationships.  You can check more of her work at http://www.relazine.com

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  1. Alpha Male
    Alpha Male says:

    The real question is why are men tired of women and there obvious selfish behavior. Men nowadays have come to the conclusion that many women have bitten off into the lie, and the lie being that the rules of engagement in marriage have changed. Women have become more consumed with there careers and gaining material wealth in place of providing the home feeling in the house. Eve believed the lie of serpent in the Garden of Eden, such as women continue to believe the lie that the world projects. Men generally stay in bad marriages because why, who gets the charge of abandonment in the marriage arena. Men or Women, a lot of women will stay in bad marriage for all the wrong reasons, which forces some men to stick around. God created Adam first and how long was he upon the earth alone. Exactly, we do not know. God say that it was not good for man to be alone and created Eve. My point women have never been alone since the foundation of the earth, but man has. So who really needs who. Selah

    • GodsSoldier
      GodsSoldier says:

      Not to be rude, but I think man needed a women, in the bible that's what Adam longed for. (he was lonely. I think is sad that some men think they are god's gift to women (not to one women, many) and don't realize god gave eve as a companion to Adam. (gift from god to Adam) hint hint. To take advantage of marriage men or women is a disrespect to god. Adultery is a sin! The devil is a lier he got those type of weak people fooled. And folks don't get mad at me, these are god's rules and he will judge and destroy these types. (repent and stop so you will be saved) As for the article 5 LIES Married Men Tell To Desperate Women, I think the husband is mostly desperate to have someone and still have to lie to get more women! Be careful MEN and women that's one of the devils biggest lies for the weak minds. You deserve to be with more than one WOMEN or man while you are married! lies lies lies dont believe him! God Bless ALL

      • godssoldier
        godssoldier says:

        Also I would like to say that the men blame women for all today's problems are weak, not grounded in the lord. Some men constantly say eve messed up everything by being deceived. Understand GOD gave adam the command directly not to eat from the tree (not eve). exactly god created adam first and eve from yes adam. News Flash They both ate wanting to be their own god. God punished both of them, not just eve, think? They were both weak. But now a days some men are falling into severe weakness blaming women for everything. God is looking at you. He made man first, and the only thing they can do is blame women. God is watching once again while man puts women before him again. The way men talk you would think god made eve first. They put all the weight and blame on a women, because its to hard for them to be men of god.So they take the devil's easy route. So we will continue to fall for the devils lies until the one that god MADE FIRST and GAVE CONTROL THROUGH. MAN UP and be the man god is telling you to be.(you lost your blessing and control because you sinned against god) Dont blame, forgive and stop keeping records of peoples wrongs, that is a sin (jesus says)

    • Smoov
      Smoov says:

      The lies are numerous and silly – on both ends. But the lies are only as good as those that really believe them. In reality, the players in the game are so ready to "link up" with somebody, that little white lies & half-truths get passed around without 2nd-thought. They're so ready to let inconsistencies go, that they buy-into other lil lies & so forth until it becomes clear that the whole casual relationship is basically a huge mess of lies & strategic games.

      The LIES may be a function of how dysfunctional a man's married life is in reality. The truth may be that there is some unhappiness & the guy is looking for some attention/validation from other women he finds attractive. I'm not saying it's right, but women do the same on a regular basis. Being upset with her man/husband is that (justifiable) reason to go out & openly flirt with all the guys that she KNOWS is attracted to her. This is all a DISTRACTION from the tensions at home. But if this becomes a regular thing, the lies then becomes a DETRACTION from the marriage which adds to more tension & mistrust.

      Ultimately, there is no excuse to cheat. Just end the relationship – sooner rather than later – to reduce hurt feelings & irreparable damage to the basic relationship. You got together as friends – end the relationship as mature adults with respect for one another.

  2. nimaduwad
    nimaduwad says:

    Ladies would you stay with him if he would split his time equitably
    with you and his wife?

    • Shonta
      Shonta says:

      Me personally, I would not want to share my time with anyone's husband. I wouldn't want to be second to anyone.

  3. Wifey
    Wifey says:

    Sometimes they don't even know why they are out with you. They just want some relaxation. Start talking about leaving their kids and wife…are you crazy biotch! Not happening.

  4. jolene
    jolene says:

    Yup…not leaving wife…just easing tensions…like a massage or concubine.

  5. Tolina
    Tolina says:

    I will admit i've played the victim role to a few of these lies. I was in an emotional fog because i desperately wanted companionship…Oh..and i ended up being a part of the 97%. Great read.

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