50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington: Why It’s Important To YOUR Family

By Aiyana Ma’at

50 years ago on this very day people from all over the United States of America came to my hometown of Washington DC to make a difference—to be heard, to make a statement, to do something different. The impact of that march was immeasurable and that day was a game changer in the Civil Rights movement in this country. Some folks mistakenly believe that those days are long gone and that we as human beings all sit in a serene and completely equal place in this country. I mean, we’ve come so far. I tell my children all the time that there is absolutely NOTHING that they cannot do.

But, what I also know is that persons of color as well as other oppressed groups in this country still have to pause and deliberately think about how we do things, what it will look like to certain folks, where it will take us and not take us, and if  it’s really worth it. And, some may think–“Well, don’t all people have to do that?”

Not in the same way and with the same double consciousness that people of color have to. Anytime you can walk down a street with a hoodie on, an iced tea, and some skittles and be perceived as a threat—–there is an entirely different kind of deliberation that must take place for black folks. It’s because of this and so man other reasons that this March is so important to me and  my family and we hope that you will pause today and think about it’s impact on you and yours. Even if you are unable to make it to the March today you can still take time out today or this evening to talk about it with your loved ones and even participate in a ritual in your home where you each make a commitment to continue to stand for justice wherever and whenever you can. Here are 5 reasons why the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington is essential for you  and yours.

If you rarely ever take a look back at where this country has come from so that you can truly appreciate how far we’ve come you will struggle to make strides towards a clear and correct future for yourself and your family. Have you ever heard the saying: Go back and fetch it”? This is the meaning of the Adinkra Symbol Sankofa. It means you must be in consistent harmony and pursuit of your past in order to successfully pursue and build your future.

Here a re a few of our pics from Saturday’s March!  Keep Building Family!!!!!!!!!!! If you will be navigating the March today here is a link to detailed info: 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington.

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