Single, Divorced, Frustrated Mom….And Starting To RESENT My Children

Everybody feels stress at some point in their lives when raising children is involved. Some people have more difficulty dealing with it than others. In this video we help a single mom with two adopted sons cope with the feelings of resentment that are starting to rise up because she’s overwhelmed. Been there, done that? Listen in and lend a word of encouragement.

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  1. Uncontested divorce
    Uncontested divorce says:

    I've been watching some of your videos and loved the advises you are sharing with others. Divorce is indeed a crucial situation specially if there are children involve.

  2. Sonjia
    Sonjia says:

    Yall make such a wonderful couple and give great advice. I'm jealous : )

  3. Olga
    Olga says:

    Thank you so much for this video. You both are a blessing to many.

  4. intjurban
    intjurban says:

    Great advice? in this vlog!

  5. mrsgmason
    mrsgmason says:

    All three daughters are grown, I understand that they are boys; however, I married after my youngest turned 17 years old. Didn't marry their dad; 1st GOD, my mom with GOD, caring family member and/or friend in GOD helped me with mine.? I gave all of them to GOD when they were newborn, they all doing great because of GOD.

  6. bernadettelsmith
    bernadettelsmith says:

    She should do Sacred Woman by Queen? Afua.It worked wonders for me!

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