Are Oprah And Stedman Planning A Wedding?

BLAM Fam we don’t believe Oprah would stage a wedding to boost ratings…but check out what’s being reported.

An Excerpt From LOS ANGELELS (LALATE) – A purported Oprah Winfrey Stedman Grahamwedding 2012 is currently in TV development with Kim Kardashian as Oprah’s inspiration? Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have not announced a wedding to news; the two aren’t even engaged. But today a bizarre report in the National Enquirer, picked up by Sister2SisterMagazine, claims that Oprah wants to marry Stedman on television and is using Kim Kardashian as her TV programming inspiration.

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have dated for years. But in the last year, Winfrey has admitted to programming problems with her OWN network.

Now the National Enquirer claims that Oprah has an alleged idea how to draw views to OWN: become the Kim Kardashian of OWN? The Enquirer claims Oprah will be ” “pulling a Kardashian” – staging a wedding to STEDMAN to boost her failing TV net.”

Kardashian, of note, claims she didn’t stage a wedding for ratings, but for “love”. The Enquirer, however claims that Stedman is getting a purported $100 million prenup to go ahead with the wedding.

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BLAM Fam what do yall think?  Could you see Oprah doing such a thing as staging a wedding for ratings?  If all of this isn’t true….do you think that it’s time for Oprah and Stedman to tie the knot?


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  1. Kenya
    Kenya says:

    Yes, they need to get married like yesterday!!!

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