10 Tips To An Awesome Marriage Proposal

By Amy Cunningham

Getting engaged is an exciting moment in your life. If you’re ready to take the plunge, follow this guide for an engagement that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Know Her Answer.

This may sound like an odd tip, but you’d be surprise at how many couples haven’t discussed the topic of marriage prior to getting engaged. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you have even a doubt in your mind, then sit down and talk with your girlfriend before rushing out to buy the ring. If you’ve had serious discussions about your relationship and where it’s headed, then you probably already know that her answer will be ‘yes’.

Ring Shopping.

Before you start shopping, find out what she likes. If she doesn’t care about being surprised, then you could even take her out to pick out the ring with you. Otherwise, ask her friends and family and pay attention to her likes and dislikes.

The next thing you need to do is study the 4c’s. If you’re like most men, you know little about diamonds and what constitutes a good one. For more information on the 4C’s (carat, cut, color, clarity) for get tips on buying a diamond.

Get the Ring Insured.

After you’ve selected the ring, the next step is to insure it. This may seem unnecessary, but if the stone ever falls out of it’s setting, you’ll be glad you did it. For a nominal fee you can generally add jewelry to your home owner’s or renter’s policy.

Get Her Father’s Blessing.

This isn’t done much anymore, except possibly in the south, but it’s still a very thoughtful and respectful thing to do. Plus, it will it strengthen your bond with your future father-in-law. It’s as simple as inviting him out to dinner and let him know that you’d like his blessing in asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Get Creative.

Make your proposal one to remember! Think creatively and plan every detail. Pick a location that has special meaning, set the mood, and make sure to make it special as you’ll both remember this day for the rest of your life. If you’re stumped for ideas, check out our marriage proposal ideas with hundreds of ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Down on One Knee.

There is nothing more romantic in this world that seeing the man you love down on one knee asking you to marry him.

Record the moment.

Get a friend or perhaps even an employee (if you’re proposing at a restaurant or other place of business) help you set up a video camera or take pictures of the moment. If you plan ahead, you’ll have these mementos to treasure forever.

Get help.

If you’re planning a more extravagant proposal, get the help of a close friend of family member! They can help with details, getting your girlfriend out (if you need her away to surprise her), or even throwing her off the trail if she starts to suspect something. Be careful though because you don’t want them to spoil the surprise.

Surprise Her.

Whether she admits to it or not, every woman wants a romantic surprise proposal. Even is she knows that you’re planning on proposing soon, you can still make the actual time and date a surprise.

Celebrate your Engagement!

After it’s official, spend a few moments together just taking in the excitement. She’ll likely want to call her friends and family to let them know the news, so make sure you have your cell phone nearby. Enjoy a romantic dinner together, share a bottle of wine, and just enjoy the moment. If you want to celebrate with your close friends and family, now is the time to plan that engagement party!

Amy Cunningham is the editor of RomanceStuck Romantic Ideas, a romantic resource for finding love and staying in love.  You can check out more of her work at http://www.romancestuck.com/

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