Be A Lady In The Streets & A Freak In The Sheets: 6 Tips To Rock His World!

by 1 Ms. H.B.I.C. (The 1 Ms. Head Beauty in Charge) Many women that I have spoken to have expressed that sex isn’t a big deal to them. Some would even be ok without having sex, period. That disturbs me. Ladies, sex shouldn’t just be desired by men. I’m not insensitive to women that have had some type of sexual trauma, that’s different. And, even then you can get help to obtain a healthy sexual relationship. I’m talking about women that were raised believing that sex is something dirty and it’s a chore that is necessary when you’re in a monogamous relationship/marriage.

Sex is a wonderful and enjoyable way to create a deeper connection with your spouse. When you take the time to explore the options you have to increase the intimacy in your relationship, I guarantee that it will be advantageous in strengthening your relationship.

Option # 1: Masturbation isn’t a bad thing. It’s great for finding out what makes you feel good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with touching yourself and then communicating to your spouse where and how you enjoy being touched. It’s also fun when you and your spouse masturbate and explore each other together. There are several sexual techniques that you can learn together. You have to continue to Spice up your sex life to strengthen your love life!

Option # 2: You have the Kama Sutra which is a text written by the Hindu sage Vatsyayana sometime between the first and sixth century A.D. in India. This text praised three aims of life: Virtue (dharma), Prosperity (artha) and Love (Kama), The Kama Sutra recognized that Life necessitates three kinds of activity to assure its survival. One of these activities is human reproduction, the importance of which is not something to be taken lightly. Google Kama (Love) Sutra (Manual) to learn more about the sexual principles it advocates.

Option # 3: You also have Tantric Sex. One translation of the word Tantra is “tools for expansion.” Tantra is over 1500 years old and also originated in India. Tantric Sex has three distinct purposes; procreation, pleasure and liberation. The aim of Tantric sex is to deepen your connection by not achieving an orgasm. Yes, that’s right; your main objective isn’t to orgasm. I know what you’re thinking, then what’s the point? Well, the point is for you to utilize a specific set of techniques and practices that are designed to help you feel more and increase your awareness of your own energy and the energy around you. By doing this you are enriching your sexual experience. There are several Tantric retreats and workshops offered for couples.

Option # 4: You have several different Erotic games that you can purchase or find on-line for free. Even better, you can have tons of fun by being creative and making up your own erotic game.

Option # 5: Be spontaneous and adventurous! Try new places to have sex besides the bedroom….the couch, the floor, the kitchen, in the car, outside… Hey, the options are endless!

Option # 6: Something as simple as changing positions can make sex extremely exciting. There are specific positions that allow the length of the penis to stimulate different regions of the female body at the same time. Remember the art of seduction is always sexy and arousing. Dressing sexy, talking dirty and being that freak in the privacy of your home is desired by your mate. It’s basically a necessity. And, it feels great when you let go of your inhibitions. As a woman in tune with my sexuality, I enjoy affection. I enjoy being seduced by my man. I enjoy his body, his warmth and skill. I’m attracted by how he looks, and how he looks at me. I inquire about his likes and his dislikes. I know what turns him on like the back of my hand. His anticipation excites me and makes me feel like a woman. And, my passionate responses that engage his advances makes him feel like a man.

We all have to play our roles in a relationship. You will always be a lady in your man’s eyes. He won’t think any less of you or look at you differently if you get freaky with him. That’s exactly what he wants, a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets! Trust me, you can be both.

If you’re a single lady, I advise the opposite. I ask that you maintain some discretion and find a serious long-term commitment, preferably marriage, before you put my tips to use. There’s an old saying “No man will buy the cow if they can get the milk for free” and that says it all.

Ladies, the benefits of taking the time to have great sex with your spouse are endless!!! I encourage you to become what your husband desires, a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets! I’d love to hear what you are doing to spice things up in your relationship.

B Intentional Family, Do you think increasing your sexual skill and desire is critically important to having a healthy relationship?

The 1 Ms. H.B.I.C. (Head Beauty In Charge) is the founding owner of Real Talk With The 1 H. B. I. C., a full entertainment blog site. She is passionate about love and life and can be contacted at

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  1. Annie Mouse
    Annie Mouse says:

    Can you recommend some actual tantric/sexual retreats? And nothing that you have to go to the person's house! Something official!

  2. TJ
    TJ says:

    You don’t need to be or do all these things if it takes you out of your element (talking dirty, playing sex games online, etc.) or you and your spouse are fine with your sex life. Don’t let the streets into your bedroom ppl. All this old school fool talk about a man wanting a lady in the streets, blah, blah, blah isn’t a mantra for all men. Either you want a lady or you want a ho. Period. Do what works for you ladies. Peace!

  3. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    Thank you! So much Much needed information.

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    Bill W says:

    This is a very informative and mature article. This is also a great site with an awesome objective.

  5. Linda
    Linda says:

    I am going to try these things tonight with my husband!

  6. Donte
    Donte says:

    More women need to read this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Karen
    Karen says:

    Woooow! This was excellent! Thank you Ms HBIC! I had forgotten about some of these "options"1 Lol! I will definitely take your words to heart.

  8. Willis
    Willis says:

    Yes, that is what I'm talking about!

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