Are Facebook,Twitter, & iPhone Blocking Your Romance?

VIDEO: Are you tired of chasing your man just to convince him to talk to you? Are you tired of competing with facebook, the i phone, blackberry, etc just to get some romance? Do you feel like your man is disengaged when you are speaking to him on significant issues? Listen in as we answer the question of a viewer who says she is tired of competing with electronics and the internet for attention. This show helps you to understand the way to get your spouse to focus less on their gadgets and more on you.

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  1. NIkki H.
    NIkki H. says:

    I think communication is definitely key to solving this problem. I'm like a little kid when i get a get a new gadget and I want to absorb the manual, and figure out all the advantages to it. I have been known to turn into a hermit crab with my new toy. Its not fair, but it happens to the best of us. Once its brought to my attnetion, its hard to let it go, but I do because I know that its not fair for me to let a gadget monoploize most of my time. This happened when I first got my Itouch especially, now its become old news to me and I easily share it with anyone who asks. Same thing with Facebook,never got into Twitter, because I knew that it involved too much time.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Is it really that serious? C'mon! Sometimes one person in the relationship doesnt have a life. Their life is their man and they dont give him no room.

  3. Yancie Schmul
    Yancie Schmul says:

    Been there done that….things got so bad for us that I started to intentionally hide his phone when he got home so he could give me some undivided attention. Needless to say….that ended in a shouting match. You're right about setting rules. That's the easiest way to a win-win

  4. Ron
    Ron says:

    Yall hit it with this one. I am going to show this to my wife tonight!!! I'm having this issue but it's wifey that can't seem to understand that she need to shut shit off sometimes!

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