Black Marriage Negotiations Video: The Woman’s Perspective Now Circulating The Web

VIDEO: By now you have probably seen the Black Marriage Negotiations video that went viral on the internet last week. It’s everywhere. It’s a video that highlights a professional black women going through a long and unreasonable list of relationship requirements to a black man. Well, now the response to that video is circulating on the web—from the black woman’s perspective. What do you think B Intentional Family? Are these 2 videos supporting and reinforcing stereotypes of each gender in the black community or is this kind of frank and blunt depiction necessary to help black folks look at what some of the very real issues are? Take a look below and add your voice to the dialogue.

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  1. ShamrockC
    ShamrockC says:

    These vids were funny. I've had similar sounding conversations before.

  2. Felicia White
    Felicia White says:

    LOL! This is something to share with all people who are serious about getting married.

  3. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    I think these videos portray some feelings that some people feel, but they are extreme. I think the older people sometimes their values change. If I were still single, I think I would have the same expectations that I had when I was looking to court my wife. I've had marriage on the mind since I was about 15 though and I didn't date until well into college. For me my list was simple. I wanted a visually pleasing spouse (just a beautiful face – and my wife is very beautiful), a saved spouse (my wife is very saved), an educated spouse (my wife is very educated), and someone who's goal of courting was to lead to marriage (we've been married 8 years). Even the two young ladies that I dated before my wife shared all of these same characteristics. I didn't casually date, I was looking for my wife the entire time and I thank God I found her.

    • Terrence
      Terrence says:

      I left out a word, "I think the older people GET sometimes their values change".

  4. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    I think that both of the videos bring up a lot of good points. I just wish we (black folks) could talk about these issues without pointing the finger at each other. I mean, there will never be any progress between the sexes if we keep being so cynical and jaded.

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