Janet Jackson Shares How Jermaine Dupri Helped Her To Love Herself

Janet Jackson recently spoke to extra about how her former beau, Jermaine Dupri, helped her re-learn how to see herself and truly accept and love herself. She recently penned a new self-help book talking about the self-image and weight struggles she’s experienced in her life. We think it is so awesome that Dupri was able to have this kind of impact on Janet. I mean, isn’t this one of the fundamental reasons two people come together— to grow each other up and help release each other from some of our past hurt and pain—much of which is attached to our childhood? At the end of the day it’s up to all of us as individuals to take ownership of our “issues”.  But your spouse, your special someone, your boo, your love…. should be there challenging you, loving you, encouraging you, and pushing you toward putting down some of the bags you’ve been carrying all of your life. That is not criticizing you, reminding you of your failures, and keeping you tied down to the memories of where you’ve been and and who you were. There is a difference. We salute all of the couples out there who intentionally choose to be a light unto their partner’s path! It truly can and does make a difference.

From extra:

“For Colored Girls” star Janet Jackson is opening up about her life as she promotes the film and her new book, “True You,” saying her involvement with ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri was pivotal to her growth.

“My life didn’t change until I opened up and started to talk about it,” Jackson explained to “Extra,” adding, “It was my relationship with Jermaine. Up until that point I would still put on a pair of pants and if my butt looked too big, I didn’t want the pants, as much as I loved them. But it was nine years ago when he said ‘your butt’s fine the way it is’.” She and Dupri split in 2009, but Jackson is “really grateful to him for showing me that side of myself.”

As for her book, Jackson now wants to help other women by detailing her own struggles. “It’s a self-help book. And people always ask me about the weight gain, the weight loss. What was the workout regimen, the nutrition, so instead of just writing about that, I wanted to get to the bottom of it, which meant I had to go back to my childhood.”

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  1. The 1 H.B.I.C.
    The 1 H.B.I.C. says:

    Society has made it almost impossibe for women especially, black women to live up to their standard. And, in result of that many women have low self-esteem. It's a wonderful thing when a man can help a woman feel completely secure with who they are. There are some men who actually prey on women with low self-esteem and continue to tear those women down for their own gratification. When a man builds a woman up, that's real love.

  2. April
    April says:

    this is one of the benefits of being in a loving relationship. I had self esteem issues myself when I met my man and he helped me be more secure in who I am and whose I am.

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