Children Learning To Check Their Emotions At The Door At Girls School

VIDEO: How important is it for our children to learn to recognize and deal with how they are feeling? In my opinion….it is HUGE! At Brighter Choice Charter School For Girls that’s just what they are doing.

Every morning students literally check their emotions at the door by looking at a ‘mood meter.’ Are they happy, sad, in the blue zone or the red?

4th grade teacher Helen Danciu said, “Say somebody is in a bad mood. That’s clearly going to affect how they’re learning, a test grade or how they’re reading or if they’re understanding what they’re reading.”

We say Hats Off to to the work they are doing! This simple yet critical skill they are teaching is a straight up power move that many adults could stand to learn from….Check you emotions before you walk into the office…..that would be a great start!

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  1. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    this was good….from the mouths of babes we can learn a thing or two

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