My Husband Is Depressed…I’m Sick Of It…I Need HELP

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A viewer wrote in expressing her frustration over the fact that her husband has been increasingly shutting her out for the past year. He’s withdrawn from her and refuses to talk to her, go to counseling, or work on their marriage. He’s been out of work for a year and a half and she feels he’s slipped into a depression.

She is in a really difficult place. She wants to know what can she do…..listen in as we shed some light on her situation and let us know what you think.

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  1. theheartfelthoney
    theheartfelthoney says:

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  2. jmurrell2929
    jmurrell2929 says:

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  3. m.d.
    m.d. says:

    i am dealing also with my husband being unemployed we have been married only for 6 months.i am the only one working and paying the is frustrating to me because i have no help.i am trying to be patience about this .but it is so hard i have thought about divorce but i know he is trying to find another long do i give him to find a job i do love him but it is a turn off at times with him such as the love making.but we we do make love i forget about the money issue do i stay or do i go

  4. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I didn’t take from the letter that she was feeling like leaving him because he no longer had a job. I saw that as her way of trying to explain or understand for herself where his depression started or is coming from. Sounds to me that she has been capable of holding them up financially, but wants her husband back. I do agree with the Ma’at’s that she should ask herself what she has tried to do to make her husband know that she is there for him and then give him the opportunity to be open about how he feels.

  5. mrklr1
    mrklr1 says:

    We are in a world that's changing everyday ,men who have worked all their live now are faced with unemployment ,most of us in america are job drunk because it's all we know and now men are left in the cold. A lot of women could care less what you do to make money as long as you're making money. They knew you were a high paid unskilled worker or in a field that's been hit hard by the recession so now they look at you with silent disgust,men? are not magicians.You can't just make things happen.

  6. NappyNaturally
    NappyNaturally says:

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  7. AvailabilityNow
    AvailabilityNow says:

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  8. mba2ceo
    mba2ceo says:

    Amazing how woman's love is proportional to? a man's income.

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